8 Most Popular Kitchen Designs In 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home. So, your kitchen is a place which should be designed with convenience and comfort in mind. A stylish kitchen is what every homeowner seeks to make cooking efficient and entertaining enjoyable.

To give your kitchen a stylish renovation this year, check out the latest and most popular kitchen trends in 2022 or visit the nearest kitchen remodel San Diego expert to help you out.

8 Kitchen Designs You Cannot Miss

Have a look at these trendy kitchen designs to choose the best one for your kitchen. Confused? Consult the best kitchen remodel San Diego expert now.

Exotic Green

Whether it’s marble, granite or any other stone, green is trending. The colorful green stones turn your kitchen into an eye-catching space. Pairing it with bright colors, like wooden or white countertops increases the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

High-Ceiling Cabinets

High ceilings are in style because they give your kitchen more storage space for extra stuff. High-ceilings are getting the help of a library ladder in most trendy kitchen designs. The permanent ladder adds a unique feature to your kitchen. It looks beautiful, trendy and will certainly be a great accent piece.

Natural Elements

Is there anything more appealing than hardwood? To most people the answer is no. Large butcher block countertops are trending in 2022. They look beautiful, don’t they? They are classy, rustic and they are durable if maintained properly. You can also pair them up with vintage furniture. A hardwood dining table will then go perfectly with your kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is not restricted to barbecue parties anymore. People want more from their kitchen and it’s no longer just an indoor space. If you have a backyard, you can create an open kitchen where you can cook while breathing in fresh air. The best ones are pool facing. If you have a pool area, you can create a kitchen on your porch overlooking the pool. It is up to you if you want a glass partition which gives you both the indoor and outdoor vibe. Outdoor kitchens also do not need to be that different from indoor kitchens and normal appliances can be a part of the outdoor kitchen too.

Double Islands

In most kitchen’s, a dining room is typically separate because your breakfast counter is too small. Double islands solve this problem. You can have a kitchen countertop and a separate breakfast island so you can cook and entertain your guests simultaneously. It will save your runs between kitchen and dining and will also make your guests feel more welcomed. Double islands make more sense if you have a spacious kitchen because even if the setting is appealing, installing it into a small kitchen will make it a claustrophobic space instead of a lively one. 

Marble Tops and Backsplash

Marble is not going anywhere in 2022. It is here to stay, and you will see more of it in popular kitchen trends this year. Marble countertops add class to a space if you choose the color carefully. White countertops are more appealing as the color is soothing. Black marble tops are also trending paired with white and ivory. Off-white marble for countertops and backsplash is also a good choice. Pair it with luxurious bronze or brass chrome finish and get a royal and stylish look for your kitchen. 

Customizable Appliances

Your kitchen should have a space for everything, from microwave to refrigerator, from blenders to spoons. Homeowners are more interested in investing in customizable appliances in 2022. They need a sleek looking kitchen where every appliance integrates into the kitchen without any clutter. The design options range from wooden cabinets to modern sliding glass doors. 

Integration With Living Room

Ever felt bad for leaving your family member or friend alone in the kitchen while you entertained guests? Or you ever felt bad for dinner being late while your guests waited in the living room and you cooked? It happens, but not anymore. One of the most loved kitchen remodel trends in 2022 is the integration of the living room with the kitchen. 

This trend advocates an open kitchen model which rejects any barrier between living room and kitchen. This trend started booming during COVID when people spent most of their time at home and it was difficult to keep an eye on kids and pets as well as to entertain across rooms. This trend allows the kitchen to blend with the entire house and give it a more inclusive feel.

Final Words

Kitchen remodeling is a big step because of how much time is spent in the kitchen, whether that be cooking or entertaining. The new model should make cooking more efficient and simple. The best kitchen remodel trend is one which offers convenience and ease while also being stylish. Most modern kitchens lack the complete package.

You must choose a kitchen remodel design after taking into account the space you have, the extent to which you can make changes, your needs and your budget. To incorporate the best kitchen designs, consult the nearest kitchen remodel San Diego expert.  

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