9 Common Keto Diet Mistakes

The Keto diet tends to be our favourite for all the reasons. 

We see celebrities going after this popular diet and shedding weight drastically. Further keto diet success stories are convincing enough to make you go after these diets.

The fact is the keto diet is one of the most popular diet plans when it comes to losing weight. Many people go after this diet. Recently this diet pattern has become more popular than ever.

Many people prefer going on a keto diet on their own without seeking out any professional advice. This results in many side effects associated with this diet. For example, one of my colleagues started doing the keto diet on her own after following some social media influencers. 

This made her develop serious anaemia for which she went to many best doctors in Peshawar who then treated her for the condition. But overall it was a terrible experience. Seeing her suffering, I thought to write here to educate people more about keto. Let’s begin with the introduction:

What is Keto Diet?

The Keto diet is a very popular diet in which there is a high-fat content in your diet and low carbs. Other than this moderate protein is also a key feature of the keto diet. 

During the keto diet mistakes, energy deficiency due to low-carb presence is accommodated by adding more and more healthy fats to your diet. However, not all people know how to do it effectively. This results in committing many mistakes that eventually affect your weight loss progress. However, by avoiding these mistakes, one can easily achieve their weight goal and get the most out of keto.

Common Keto Mistakes

In case you are wondering what are some of the common mistakes, here is all you need to know about this.

1- Consuming too many carbs

As already said, the keto diet is all about reducing your carb intake, however, sometimes people tend to consume a higher number of carbs than they are supposed to. This is one of the common reasons why keto diets fail. No matter what diet you are following, be smart with your carb selection.

2- Not getting enough protein

Other than low-carb, moderate protein consumption is an integral part of the keto diet mistakes. This is because your body needs protein to perform many vital functions. However, when you are not consuming enough protein you will end up losing muscles rather than the fat that makes you fail the keto diet.

3- Choosing the wrong fats

The Keto diet mistakes is all about high fat but does you know choosing the wrong fats can help you in the long run. There are many different sources of fat you can rely upon to fulfil your fat consumption. However, choosing fats that are high in polyunsaturated fats can be very harmful to you. So, make sure you go for healthy fats.

4- Electrolyte imbalance

Next on the list of keto diet mistakes comes the electrolyte imbalance. This happens because there are low carbs in your body. Due to reduced carb consumption, your body tends to shed sodium and water. The loss of these salts results in electrolyte imbalance in your body.

5- Dehydration

Dehydration is another common mistake while doing keto. This is because when there is a low carb intake in your body, it tends to release excessive water. This release of water causes dehydration. This dehydration negatively affects your other body functions so make sure that you keep your water intake on point.

6- Too much dairy in your diet

Another common keto diet mistake is the inclusion of too much yoghurt in your diet. Dairy in your diet has an inflammatory effect on the body that causes an impact on fat storage in your body. So, whenever on keto, make sure to not add too much to your diet. 

8- Not sleeping enough

Quality sleep is enough when you need to process your calories effectively. So, make sure to improve your sleep quality. An ineffective metabolism is one of the primary reasons why you are not losing weight despite keto. So, try to improve your sleep quality by eating the right food, avoiding light exposure before sleeping and reducing caffeine consumption. 

9- Choosing the wrong snacks

There are many snacking options no matter what kind of diet you follow. However, too much snacking and snacking on the wrong items can be one of the reasons that you are not shedding weight despite religiously following a keto diet. So, be wise with the selection of snacks and eat good foods only.

Bottom Line!

The Keto diet is one of the popular dietary health options among weight loss strugglers. A Keto diet can be a great help in losing weight. However, be mindful that the keto diet is not everyone and one needs to be very careful while going on the keto diet. A good approach is to consult your physician. 

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