How To Open & Read Your Records With Akashic Records Prayer? 

Everyone has their divine birthright to access and receive wisdom from your records by utilizing the Akashic Records prayer. You may also become a trained Akashic Records practitioner and learn how to read other people’s Records.

In this post, you will be able to learn how to use the Akashic Records prayers to unlock your Records.

What does the Akashic Records Prayer entail?

The gateway prayer is a deliberate grouping of words or phrases. These phrases are intended to assist you in ascending into the Records’ high-frequency energy field. To ascend into the energy field of the Records, you must let go of human density and cleanse yourself as thoroughly as possible.

For example, it is critical to let go of ego, self-doubt, result attachment, and rigidity. In fact, if these lower frequency emotions or vibrations burden your energy field, it is nearly hard to access the Records.

Speaking the gateway prayer might assist you in being more focused, grounded, and still. This will boost your sensitivity and allow you to unlock your Records with less resistance.

Why is the Akashic Records Prayer important? 

The Akashic Records gateway prayer is commonly thought of as a prayer of remembrance. When you were incarnated into this lifetime, your soul consciously chose to incarnate into a physical body and forget about your previous lives.

This forgetfulness occurs with each successive existence. It would help if you forgot your true origins and all you have been through in previous lives. This allows you to acquire fresh things and grow in your present lifetime. Sometimes forgetting also means forgetting that you are all related and a part of everything, and there is no difference between you and other people, the cosmos, or even the Divine.

In other words, you and the Akashic Records are not physically separated. You are, in many respects, a part of the Records because everything is interconnected from a spiritual standpoint.

However, you frequently believe you are distinct from or inferior to the Divine. The prayer to the Akashic Records might help you remember that there is no separation. Prayer can assist you in overcoming the illusion of separation. It can also help you recall that you are a Divine being in your own right.

As a result, remembering allows you to connect with the energy field and higher awareness of the Akashic Records, allowing you to become one with that consciousness.

Where does the prayer come from? 

Different teachers and healers use different prayers. This does not make one prayer superior or inferior to another. The intention with which the prayer is said is more important than the particular wording of the prayer. It is likewise critical not to be dogmatic or inflexible regarding the prayer’s words. After all, the language of prayer is only a means of communication.

When uttering the prayer, it is critical to have a precise, focused, ethical, and open-hearted aim based on integrity. This is the type of enthusiasm you want to start your albums with.

Why are there different prayers out there? 

Over time, many teachers, healers, and masters have written their prayers or modified prayers handed down to them by their predecessors. Depending on the practitioner’s or teacher’s background, training, and reading style, this will alter.

An essential thing to look for in prayer is that the words connect with you as you utter them.

Do you feel centred, empowered, clear, and open to receiving whatever direction most applies to you?

The Akashic Records portal prayer

It is a spiritual and robust procedure to open your own Akashic Records. Learning how to meditate, perform yoga, or employ shamanic travelling for personal healing takes time and experience, as does learning how to deal with the Records.

Working with Akashic Records allows you to hone your intuitive abilities, clear up barriers and self-doubt, and learn how to craft enlightening questions to get the most aligned and valuable information.

If you are already comfortable sitting in quiet and stillness, meditating, or visualizing, you can employ the gateway prayer by following these guidelines:

  • Set a particular time to be away from distractions to centre yourself.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Release any expectations, ego-mind, connection to a particular outcome, or anything else that may be “clouding” your intuition and receptivity.
  • Once you’re feeling open, transparent, and responsive, say the portal prayer twice, once aloud and once quietly to yourself.

The Akashic Records closing prayer 

It is critical to close your Records after each travel within them. This will bring your adventure to a close. Long or short, it will allow you to get back “down to earth” and centre yourself.

The concluding prayer is as follows, and it should only be spoken once.

In deep gratitude,  I thank the Record Keepers for all the information, wisdom, and healing I provided in this reading. 

May everything I have received continue to help me for as long as needed. 

(Visualize your Record closing at this point. Maybe call up the visual image of significant wooden doors closing.)

Your Akashic Records are closed now. 

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