6 Android Software for Fixing the Issue of Your Android Devices

You find your device good and proper functioning when you buy it but slowly it starts showing some abnormalities with the time. However, nobody want to lose their precious device because people spend a huge amount of money while purchasing it. Besides, the experts at the phone repair shop in Ottawa claim that people often experience the system slowdowns, unresponsive startups and hanging errors. Not only this, but sometimes they also encounter frozen interfaces, stalled text messages, and application crashes, etc. still, such phone users don’t give up on their devices but they prefer to secure their devices. This article will discuss some important software that can keep your Android phone save. Let’s discuss these software in detail. 

Android Repair Software 

It is the most important and recommended Android phone repair software from the experts of the Mobile doctor. However, it is one of the most important tools that can fix the every Android system issue and earns the high success rate. Interestingly, this software is tremendously easy to use and simple with the nice interface. Even it does not requires the technical knowledge for its use. All you have to do is to understand the steps and instructions on the screen for your Android repair. On the other hand, the Android repair software can fix the death of black screen of your device. Even your Android device won’t turn off. It also includes these repair services: 

  • App crashing
  • Unresponsive play store
  • Android OTA updated failed 
  • Stuck in the boot loop. 

Phone Doctor Plus 

It is the most second phone doctor plus software for Android device which often experts at the phone repair shop in Ottawa often recommend. It is also known as the medical tool which checks your smartphone properly. Besides, it can easily detect and report the problem in the Android system within a few minutes. It has two major features: 

  • It detects the internal problems, monitors 30 hardware items and sensors. It also incorporates the battery life and its storage capacity. 
  • Moreover, it helps you improve the performance of your device. 
  • Now, newly features have been added in this software that permits you to perform the value appraisal of your phone. 

Repair Sytem for Android 

You can use this software on the recommendation of the phone repair shop in Ottawa if your device’s memory is running out. However, it is also useful for your device if it is working slow or becoming unresponsive. Therefore, you can try the repair system software for optimizung your Android phone. It is one of the best phone repair applications which have useful functions, for instance: 

  • Repairing system 
  • Testing hardware 
  • Boosting RAM
  • Cooling down the CPU 
  • And optimizing the battery life. 

ReiBoot for Android 

It is also an Android repair software for personal computer that often technicians at phone repair shops often use to fix the Android system problems. It is also helpful for clearing the Android cache. On the other hand, it works on the one-click to enter and exist the fastboot/Android recovery and free mode for downloading without using the pressing buttons on your Android devices.


If your Android device have a huge number of applications, you must remove them one by one because it kills the battery. You can use the Greenify software for your Android devices which is the best and ideal Android repair tool for fixing your device’s problem. It is highly recommended tool for such devices that often suffer from the battery drainaing process. However, it is also recommended for the old version Android devices. 

Assistant for Andriod 

The assitant for Android software for the Android phone repair applications always integrate with various features. These features improves the performance of your Android tablet or phone. According to the experts at the cell phone repair shop, you can clean the system cache with and junk files. It also, indicates the status of the monitor of the CPU/RAM/ROM/SD cards. However, it also indicates the status of the battery, install/uninstall apps, back ups and restore apps, etc. The main advantage of this software is that it combines the various useful applications in one application.

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