Different and Unique, Here’s the Version of Beauty Rituals in Asian Countries!

Beauty Rituals in Asian Countries – Who would have thought, every country has a unique beauty ritual or routine that is usually done. Not inferior to Europe and America, countries in Asia are also not left behind to always develop their potential in the world of beauty. Of course, this tradition is believed to make women in that country more confident in radiating their beauty by doing skincare regularly.

What’s more interesting, several countries in Asia have skincare beauty rituals, you know. The beauty rituals are also varied and unique. Curious about what are the beauty rituals they usually do? Check out the following articles published by Vacation Indonesia and Konten Gabut which can be references for beauty tips too!

1. Japan – Facial Cleansing with Rice Water

This beauty ritual is indeed quite popular and unique. Using rice water for the face is often done as skincare by Japanese people so that the skin is smooth and moisturized.

They call rice washing water as togijiru which is considered to be able to nourish the skin because it contains Vitamins B1, B2, and other nutrients.

For its use, this rice washing water is used like a toner, simply by tapping enough rice washing water on your face.

2. Korea – Keep Skin Hydrated by Hanging Towel

There’s no doubt that Korea is a champion when it comes to skincare. Korean skincare is already popular because of its good ingredients for the skin and the long skincare steps. However, did you know that the BeautyHaul Squad relies on more than skincare for Korean women to maintain their skin?

They have a unique beauty ritual or routine that they usually do, which is hanging wet towels around the bed when winter arrives. This is done to make the air around it more humid. That way, the skin is also naturally moisturised and hydrated. Very interesting, huh!

3. India – Sandalwood Scrub

Indians must take care of their body skin as well as their facial skin. Famous for its sandalwood scrub treatment, this beauty ritual can clean skin pores.

To use it, sandalwood powder is usually mixed into milk or water as a scrub.

4. Thailand – Masks from Turmeric to Papaya

This country has a beauty routine using facial masks made from natural ingredients, such as turmeric, lemongrass leaves, and papaya.

Even though there are now many facial or skincare masks that are practical and can be used immediately, the use of masks made from natural ingredients is still used quite often, you know. Natural ingredients make skin smoother, less dull, and acne-resistant.

5. Indonesia – Traditional Body Scrub from Natural Spices

The beauty of Indonesian women’s skin is supported by spices and natural ingredients. This traditional beauty ritual belonging to the princesses of the kings utilizes pounded rice and then mixes it with spices as a body scrub and scrub when bathing. This traditional scrub is useful for beautifying and brightening the skin.

In addition, Indonesian women have long used spices as traditional ingredients or herbal medicine to maintain body shape. Not only good for health, but also good for beauty, you know. For example, a concoction of turmeric and lime which is usually consumed to keep the body slim and healthy.

This is information about Beauty Rituals in Asian Countries, I hope this is useful for you. Stay updated on Also Mag for other interesting information.

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