Best International Payment Gateway For Your International Merchants

Today, the world become a smaller place and the credit goes to online businesses. Nowadays, it is not difficult to become a global brand. Anyone can achieve their dream of having a global presence in a hassle-free manner from their place. But this dream is not possible without a secure international payment gateway.

This international payment gateway plays an important role in online transactions and purchasing management. Here, will discuss in brief the International payment gateway.

What is an International payment gateway?

Nowadays, we all know what is a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a technology that connects a merchant account to the customer’s bank account. It read and transfers the payment information from the customer to a merchant account. This transaction is very easy for domestic sales, as you need just one currency and one language.

But what if you want to explore your business globally? It’s very simple, You just need a payment gateway that allows you to accept multi-currency payments as well as interface with multiple languages. This type of payment gateway is known as an international payment gateway. An international payment gateway allows its global customer to make payments in their currency.

Tips to choose the right international payment gateway?

It’s very important for any merchant who wants to explore their business globally, to choose the right international payment gateway. When choosing the right high risk payment gateway, you ought to keep some points in your mind.

  • At the very first, you should check the transaction fees.
  • The international payment gateway, which asks you to sign up, avoids that payment gateway.
  • Check whether your selected payment gateway offers multi-currency transactions or not.
  • Just go through the terms and conditions of an international payment gateway as every payment gateway have a different set of terms and conditions.
  • Make sure that your selected payment gateway has varieties of the mode of payment.

Some of the best International payment gateways are –

Now, you know that choosing the right international payment gateway is tricky and time-consuming. Here, we bring some of the best international payment gateways that help you to gain your customer’s trust. These international payment gateways are completely secure, trustworthy, and fast. Let’s get started without a list.

Paypal –

We all are familiar with Paypal. It is everyone’s favorite. Paypal is one of the most popular and trustable payment gateways worldwide. It is founded in 1998.

You can say that it is one of the oldest international payment gateways with largest number of active customers(346 m). It is user-friendly and accepts both credits as well as a debit card.

Features –

  • PCI compliance
  • Shopping cart
  • Mobile and credit card reader
  • Bill me later
  • Online Invoicing

Pros –

  • Activation and integrations are done in a hassle-free manner.
  • It supports 100 + foreign currencies.
  • It provides 24/7 customer service in 17+ different languages.
  • It provides the buyer protection and also offers return and refund services.
  • It does not charge for withdrawal and maintenance.
  • Compatible with all devices such as personal computers, mobile as well as tablets.

Cons –

  • Its transaction fees are high.

eMerchant Pro –

eMerchant Pro is another one of the most popular international payment gateways. It offers a high-risk solution for your high-risk business. It offers PCI-DSS compliance so that one can run their business without any bother. With this gateway solution, you can easily gain your customer’s trust.

Features –

  • Offers reliable, secure online international transactions for both small as well as large businesses.
  • Provide virtual terminal
  • Online Invoice
  • Plugin support
  • PCI-DSS compliance

Pros –

  • It supports multi-currency.
  • Provide high-level data security tools.
  • Provide multiple options to make the payments.
  • Compatible for high-risk businesses also.
  • Reasonable price.

Stripe –

Stripe is another one of the most popular international payment gateways. It is a cloud-based payment method that gives business owners full control to add any new payment options. It is one of the best solutions for a start-up. It also provides robust security and the latest technology fraud-prevention tool.

Features –

  • Custom UI toolkit
  • Mobile customer interface
  • Open-source plugin
  • Embeddable checkout
  • Financial reporting

Pros –

  • This international payment gateway support 139 different currencies.
  • Offers 24/7 technical support.
  • Its service is available in 42 countries.
  • Provides billing solutions for recurring customers.
  • Its setup is completely free.
  • Allows making payments from all the major cards.
  • Also, support google pay and apple pay transactions.

Cons –

  • Its service is not available all over the world.

2Checkout –

It is another most popular and used payment gateway which allows accepting online payments globally. It provides a very strong and secure digital wall. It is a US-based payment gateway that offers varieties of payment methods.

Features –

  • Provides level 1 PCI data security
  • Offers customized checkout options.
  • Offers to customize the checkout options.
  • Account updater

Pros –

  • Support varieties of payment methods.
  • Its service is available in 200 + global markets.
  • It supports 87 different currencies.
  • It supports 8 different types of payment modes.
  • Provide the latest technology fraud-management tools.
  • It does not charge for setup. Its integration is hassle-free.
  • Does not charge monthly fees.

Conclusion –

Nowadays, there are varieties of payment gateway available which allows making payment globally. There are many factors that merchants should consider while selecting the best international payment gateway. Above we mention some of the best payment gateways. Hope this international payment gateway work for you and you can achieve your goal.

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