Car Wax and Car Polish Vs. Sealants: The Different Products for Your Wheel and Tyre Care

The job of the sealant is to protect the paint job of your wheel and tyre care. Sealants are synthetic and contain polymers. Once an individual finish the paint job on their car, they can apply it to the car. When applied over the pint, it bonds the paint molecules, causing them to become rigid. The primary purpose of the sealant is to provide durability. 

When you use the tyre polish, you can apply it directly to the car or bike tyres. After application, you can clean it off with a wipe. When the cleaning ends, you can rinse the surface of the tyre with a high-pressure hose. This will wash away all the dirt, grime, and muck from the tyre. 

After the wash, you must let the tyres dry. Only after drying can you apply the car wax polish to the tyres. The polish will restore the shine on the tyres. The polymers in the car wax will leave the tyres hydrophobic, helping you to get the dirt off quickly. 

Car Wax for Your Wheel and Tyre Care

The car wax used in your car care process has carnauba wax as the main ingredient. The purpose of the carnauba wax is to protect your wheels and car from harmful UV rays. It is also hydrophobic, as it will not absorb water. Last but not least, the wax is ideal for wheel and tyre care as it prevents particles and dust from sticking to the surface.

Natural and Synthetic Car Wax

You can choose between two types of car waxes: natural and synthetic. The main difference lies in the ingredients used to make them. Natural waxes contain carnauba wax that gives the best result regarding colour and shine. However, the shine does not stay long. 

On the other hand, synthetic waxes are very similar to paint sealers. Made from entirely artificial materials, they have polymers that have surface bonding. The bond of the polymers creates a robust protective layer. Although they are long-lasting, they do not provide much shine.

A Sealant that Gives Glossy Shine

The sealant provides a coat of protection against the harshest conditions for wheel and tyre care. The formula is synthetic, as it will enhance the car’s gloss when applied. It creates a brilliant glass-like shine. It brings out the vehicle’s colour and makes it look brand new.

A coat of sealant will help the car repel pollution and particle contamination. The sealant also minimises the marring the paint brushes cause to the car’s body. It can also smooth out the scratches from bumpers or curbs, etc.

The durability of the barrier depends on the type of bond present in the sealant. A strong sealant for wheel and tyre care can have multiple resins present. The sealant ensures that the shine on the coating stays for a significant amount of time.

Apply a Thin Layer of Sealant and Avoid the Sun

Do not apply the sealant directly under the sun. The heat will cause evaporation making the sealant dry unevenly. This will make it challenging to remove the residue.

Shake the liquid before application, as the solvents may separate from the resins. It may affect the product’s adhesion to the surface regarding the wheel and tyre care. 

Do not apply too much product, as very little wax directly touches the surface. When the polish dries, you must wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Excess product application will be a waste. 

Car Polish Enhances Appearance

Polish is usually the last step in remodelling or refining the car body surface. These polishes come in liquid form and get used for “corrective work” on the paint job. 

All they do is enhance the look of the car. They do not repair anything. These compounds for wheel and tyre care tend to be aggressive. After application, one can see that they will quickly flatten the uneven surface of the paint. 

Car Polish as Essential as Cleaner

‘As we know, that car polish is an unavoidable step before you embark upon the waxing procedure. If you miss the cleaning step, the wax job does not serve its purpose. 

The car polish will address the stains on your wheels. This is essential for your wheel and tyre care, as the tyres should be clean before the wax goes on. You can use mild solvents to clean the tyres. It will bring out a shine and provides short-term surface protection.

These are mainly why you need car polish and car wax to care for your car parts. The sealants make sure that your hard work does not go to waste. 

At Carorbis, you can choose from a range of products infused with carnauba wax to protect your car’s exteriors. The polish provides surface protection, activated within 24 hours, preventing beading and dust accumulation.

The tyre polish provides an excellent high gloss, the exterior vinyl, and the leather and rubber parts. Get the best for your wheel and tyre care needs at Carorbis!

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