Choosing The Right Wash Basin for Your Bathroom

The importance of bathrooms has increased significantly in recent years. The truth is that more people than ever before spend time in their bathrooms. As a result, an increasing number of architects and designers are spending a lot of time creating the best, most contemporary bathrooms for you. Plumber Bathware and bathroom fittings manufacturers in Delhi washbasins add style to your bathrooms, which can be modern, wealthy, or vintage. All of this, though, would only occur if you pick the appropriate basin. If you conduct in-depth research, acquire the necessary knowledge, consider your bathroom’s design, space availability, power, performance, and functionality requirements, and finally select a wash basin that satisfies all of those requirements.

Types of Wash Basins

1. Art Basins

Ideal for both domestic and professional use. Sleek and Elegant: Modern, contemporary design with European influences. Sink Ceramic product material High-quality ceramic construction: crystalline glaze on a delicate and sturdy ceramic. The smooth, long-lasting ceramic is simple to clean and maintain.

2. Under Counter Basin

This design predates the use of wash basins and is similar to the countertop basins. The basin is fixed into the countertop in this design. Here, the faucet is either mounted on the wall or the countertop, and the basin sits flush with the counterline, giving the area a sleek finish. This basin design would be ideal for designing a simple bathroom.

Due to their contemporary appearance and ease of maintenance, these wash basin designs are the most popular in luxurious bathrooms. It lacks the rims that collect dirt and bacteria. These wash stations can be found in shopping malls and airports. A small wash basin design like this one looks elegant and practical simultaneously. It has enough room for accessories like handwashes and plants.

3. Vanity Basins

A vanity sink unit is your best bet if you want to add storage to your bathroom. A vanity unit combines a sink and storage into one useful piece that can be used to keep toiletries and cosmetics neatly hidden away. Vanity units come in various sizes and designs, including wall-hung and floor-standing options, to fit any bathroom.

The furniture’s layout conceals a mess and makes the bathroom look organized. Non-specially made furniture must be modified to fit the pipework and the basin and coated with a high-quality water-resistant lacquer or varnish.

4. Wall Hung Basins

Small and angled wall-mounted basins do not require a tabletop or pedestal. These basins are affordable and accessible and come in a variety of styles. These basins can be installed to your precise height requirements; you can hang them high or low, as you prefer.

However, be sure to purchase a light-colored wall-hung basin. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, wall-hung basins work best in small spaces. Since they don’t touch the ground, they give the room the appearance of extra space and maintain a cleaner environment. These sinks add style to your bathroom and are simpler to clean.


A bathroom isn’t complete without a functional, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing washbasin. Enhancing the design and theme of the other bathroom furnishings and d├ęcor creates a comfortable atmosphere in the room. Plumber Bathware, a bathroom accessories manufacturers, has everything needed to create excellence with a wide range of bathroom and basin sinks. You only need to give Plumber Bathware a call if you want to add a pedestal and basin to your traditionally styled bathroom or if you want to outfit a small cloakroom bathroom with a wall-hung sink.

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