Description of kids Segways UK models

Description of kids Segways UK models

Most often, children get a kids hoverboard without a handle or a kids segways. This is a small stable platform on two massive wheels with motors, which can have a post to support the legs. The child controls the device with his body. By tilting it in one direction or another, you can go forward or backward, slow down or pick up speed, turn right and left, make a 360-degree turn. The handle is not needed in this case. Prices for gadgets vary depending on the model and its characteristics.


Benefits of baby device

At present, the children’s kids hoverboard and official segways for Kids are fashionable toys that develop balance skills. Among their benefits:

  • an active form of leisure in the fresh air – contributes to the development of physical fitness and endurance;
  • proper sports load – riding a kids segways UK strengthens the vestibular apparatus and improves coordination of movement;
  • safe driving in the city and outside the village – high ground clearance and the presence of a self-balance system will not allow the child to fall even when hitting a curb or bump, and the speed limit – to accelerate too much;
  • bright LED-backlight serves to alert road users – the intensity can be changed through a special program on the phone;
  • ease of driving – using a mobile application, you can increase the sensitivity of the sensors responsible for movement. This is especially true if the child’s weight is small and he cannot fully press the buttons;
  • withstands weight up to 120 kg – electric transport will not have to be changed as they grow older;
  • fast battery charging – within 3-4 hours the kids segways  will restore its performance, the gyro scooter lasts 2 hours;
  • a full battery charge is enough to cover a distance of 15 to 25 km, depending on the model – the walk will not stop at the most interesting place;
  • the design of children’s segways is distinguished by brightness and a variety of colors;
  • The Bluetooth module allows you to listen to your favorite music from your smartphone while driving.

How much does a kids hoverboard cost

Prices for kids hoverboards in Yekaterinburg start from 7,000 pounds. Popular, high-quality models suitable for children cost 12,000 – 13,000 pounds. There are models that are more expensive, but they are already more suitable for an adult audience.

When we began to study the gyro scooter market, we noticed an interesting trend – all sellers adhere to approximately the same pricing policy. You won’t see much of a difference. But this does not mean that the quality of all kids hoverboards for the same price from different sellers is the same. And the low price is a direct sign that you have a model of poor build quality and components. Run it through the parameters described above to check.

Where to buy a kids hoverboard in UK

There are a lot of sellers of such equipment in UK. Among them are online stores, sports supermarkets, specialized showrooms and even wholesale markets. Choosing the right seller is just as important as choosing the model itself.

  • Service and Warranty

When choosing a seller, it is important to find out about the availability of service and warranty obligations. A gyro scooter is a complex technical device, it can break down, it may need calibration or replacement of spare parts. You will save a lot of time and effort if the seller gives a guarantee for the device and undertakes to service the kids hoverboard for at least a year.

We recommend choosing stores that specialize specifically in the sale of electric vehicles or specifically kids hoverboards– they definitely have their own repairman or an agreement with an official service.

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