Driving license: when can I get it?

The expression ” now that you’ve turned 18 you can enroll in a driving school or the motor vehicle to get your license ” is wrong. No, not because you don’t have to. But because, at least on paper, you can enroll even before the age of 18 and Driving Lessons Greenford.

In this guide, we will try to take stock of the situation in this regard.

It is not necessary to be of legal age to enroll in the school. Yes, you read right. But be careful: registering does not mean taking the exam. Basically, to speed things up you can, in fact, enroll in driving school and even attend lessons (of theory!) to be able to study immediately. As soon as you turn 18, therefore, you can take the theory exam immediately, theoretically even at 18 years and one month.

When can I take the theory and practice exam?

We mentioned it: you can take the theory exam after you turn 18. When you feel ready, by the way. Beyond this, however, once you have taken the theory exam, you have to move on to the practical one. After about 32 days – one month and one day – you can already attempt to undergo the final test. Remember that, however, it is necessary to practice a lot because, especially if you are young, it is not easy to learn to drive immediately.


if you already have the A1 or B1 license you can also skip the theory exam and, to get the B driving license, you can directly take the practical exam. And if, above all, you already want to start training, no problem: you just need to get a permit so that, accompanied by a special guide, you can drive the coveted car.

Some things to know

You can start the process to obtain a driving license only and exclusively after you are 18 years old. And, from the submitted application, you have 6 months to be able to complete the entire process. Asking the question does not mean having the ok to drive: you will only be able to drive alone when you have had it.

Mandatory minimum practice hours

If you fail the theory exam, be careful. Because you can try to do it – within 6 months – only twice. And the pink sheet? Very simple – you can get it only after passing the quizzes. And it’s worth six months. As well as 6 hours of mandatory minimum practice hours in order to then take the practical exam. Having the pink sheet doesn’t mean taking the exam right away, because you’ll have to wait a month and a day to take the practical exam. Finally, if for example, you failed your driving test, you have to wait for a little over a month to try again.

Time is finite, you can’t wait any longer. Also because, then, that’s right: you’ll have to get behind the wheel and therefore you would need, if necessary, to practice more is everything clear to you now if you’re inclined to enroll in a driving school and get your license, you already know all the timing. And remember that, being very often bureaucratic, they depend on the laws. Certainly not the school you signed up with to do so and Driving Lessons Southall.

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