Embedding Facebook Feed on Your Website is a Good Practice?

As always Facebook has been on top of the most prominent social media platforms. With about 2.7 billion monthly users, this platform has the highest audience segment. Facebook becomes a crucial part of every marketer’s strategy. 

One of the most useful strategies for marketers to take full advantage of this platform is to embed a Facebook page on your website. The content displayed on this platform is known as the Facebook feed. This feed can be developed using images, videos, reviews, testimonials, etc. 

Feeds curated using reviews are known as user-generated content (UGC) which when embedded on your website can drive traffic, and increase conversions, while making your website vibrant and professional. This happens because of the authenticity and credibility that UGC holds. 

Embedding Facebook feeds on your website can turn out to be a task. To solve this issue there are several social media aggregator platforms that help you solve this problem. Platforms like Taggbox help you develop customer-centric, result-driven, and responsive widgets that are embedded using a simple code that can be pasted into your website backend to make your widget functional. 

Let’s see how embedding a Facebook feed on your website can benefit you in your various marketing touchpoints. 

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Feed On Your Website

Using social media aggregators does not require technical expertise, which makes developing and incorporating stunning and attractive Facebook feed widgets, effortless. Let’s see how they turn out to be one of the best practices. 

  1. UGC helps develop reliability 

As we all know Facebook is an ocean of UGC that helps humanize the brands. Adding Facebook images, videos, feedback, comments, etc. to your website directly displays authentic content which every customer craves. UGC attracts a lot of attention and helps them develop a positive perception of your brand. 

  1. Hikes engagement and drives traffic 

Your target audience relates to your social media. They are the ones developing Facebook content that is appealing and engaging. People are highly attracted to attention, by featuring Facebook content you represent their voices which helps with keeping them engaged and attracting more customers. 

  1. Develops social presence

Marketers who do not understand the importance of social proof follow filthy techniques to attract customers. However, they forget people are consistently looking for genuineness, which they fail to offer. Embedding Facebook feeds on your website develops a sense of social proof of your brand. You can use hashtags and mentions to develop a feed that is highly reliable. 

  1. Sparks up brand-user relationships

Displaying the Facebook feed on your website shows that your care about what your customers think about your brand. It not only motivates them to give more reviews but also improves interaction with the brand. Interaction is directly proportional to building relationships with your customers. The more you interact with your audience, the better the brand-user relationship. Ultimately, developing a loyal customer base.

  1. Drives conversion rates 

The main aim of establishing a website is to boost conversions and sales. Leveraging the Facebook feed helps you achieve these goals. Focussing on user engagement, spiking relations with your users, amplifying your social presence, etc. People are attracted to images and videos more than text content, with the Facebook feed widget on the website, they get to see UGC and various benefits of your brand through images, videos, and ratings. Eventually, encouraging them to make favorable purchase decisions. 

  1. Curate a vibrant website 

Website is the first point of contact your customers have with you. Focussing on making your website better is vital for making your marketing strategies successful. Using social media aggregators helps you develop stunning widgets that can develop your website layout without disrupting your existing website format.  Showcasing dynamic, vibrant, and interactive content can transform your website into an attractive and appealing one effortlessly

  1. Amplifies user engagement and website dwell time 

It is proven that eight out of ten users see at least one to three reviews before making a purchase decision. By embedding Facebook reviews on your website you display UGC in an innovative way that keeps your users hooked, ultimately increasing website dwell time. Showcasing authentic content in creative ways helps reduce bounce rates, and reduces cart abandonment as people tend to trust you. With the increased dwell time, it automatically adds up to amplified user engagement. 


With the constantly changing trends of the digital age, it’s essential for marketers to keep up with them. This offers your users with new-updates and keeps them engaged with your brand. You allow your users to see what your brand stands for and how you work. 

Showcasing UGC helps your users understand your brand better and develops a sense of trust and reliability. With Facebook, you can expand your horizons and reach out to a massive audience. 

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