Fever- Causes, Symptoms And Benefits Of Homoeopathic Treatment

All of us tend to panic if we get a fever. It may not always be a cause of concern as sometimes symptoms subside without any medical intervention. If you have a fever, it means there is something wrong internally. It is an indicator, a way for our body to convey some infection or inflammation. Fever can be of different types. Sometimes body temperature rises again (above 38 degrees Celsius) after coming down once or it may not come back to normal at all. Different fever treatment options will treat the fever as soon as possible. The symptoms make it impossible to focus on your day-to-day activities as you feel weak and energy deprived.

Causes of Fever

There can be different underlying causes. Some of them are listed below- 

1. Viral infections

2. Bacterial infections 

3. Injuries 

4. Staying under sun for long durations leads to sunstroke 

5. Ear problems 

6. UTI

Symptoms of fever

The symptoms may be-

1. Elevated body temperature (hot skin)

5. Body chills/shivers

6. Weakness 

4. Headaches

5. Irritation in eyes

The other accompanying symptoms may be cough, runny nose, anxiety etc. These play an important role in diagnosis and may need separate treatment.


If you take generic medicines for fever, they give only temporary relief and lower down body temperature. The effects are not long-lasting since they do not eliminate the root cause. They also come with notorious side effects, thus, doing more harm than good.

Homoeopathic solutions work differently. Since this field of medicine takes a holistic approach, they are generally preferred over conventional treatment methods. Along with following a qualified physician’s recommendations, it is important to take a balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids and maintain proper hygiene. Rest precautions or measures are to be followed depending on your illness and general symptoms. It is essential to note that not all types of fever can be treated with homoeopathy. If fever is a result of cancer, this type of treatment is useless and you won’t see any visible improvements. The following are the benefits of homoeopathic treatments-


Homeopathy does not focus on treating the symptoms only, but rather eliminating the root cause of the disease. Our body has natural healing mechanisms. All homoeopathic medicines do is strengthen the patient’s immune system, so that it can effectively fight against various diseases. Homoeopaths try to understand the symptoms of patients and suggest medicines accordingly. For example, if a person has a fever combined with anxiety, and then aconite may be prescribed. However, if fever is accompanied by body aches, different medicine is suggested. If you tend to fall sick as soon as the weather changes, you have a weak immune system. Even if symptoms go away on their own, consider homoeopathic treatment that will make your body capable of fighting future infections. 

Personalised treatment plan and care

A homoeopath does not suggest the same treatment for all, but rather offers customised medicinal solutions taking into account several factors like the physical, emotional and social well-being of patients. They try to talk with patients to better understand them and develop deep connections. They do not believe in the idea of one size fits all. Rather every individual is considered different and is given personalised attention. A treatment that works for one may not be very effective for others. 

Improvement in overall health

If you get in touch with homoeopaths for your fever-related concerns, they not only treat the condition effectively but the patient experiences an overall health improvement. They can enjoy the long-lasting benefits of treatment. They feel they can sleep better, are more active, fall less sick etc., once they complete their medicinal course. If you want an improved lifestyle, homoeopathy is your answer. 

Safe option

Some common side effects associated with conventional drugs are difficulty in digestion, weakness or allergic reactions. Homoeopathic treatments are considered harmless. Unlike conventional drugs, Patients opting for this treatment generally don’t experience any side effects. This is because medicines are prepared from natural ingredients- herbs, animals and minerals etc. in small amounts. No matter what life stage you are or how old you are or whether you are male or female, these medicines are very safe. Even pregnant women, lactating mothers, children etc. can use these because of their low toxicities, making them extremely ideal and popular. If Women during pregnancies feel feverish or experience other symptoms, they don’t want to consume harmful products and medicines which will adversely affect the health and growth of their children. Rather than depending on conventional treatments, they can go for natural treatments that focus on cure and healing. Even if patients discontinue medicines that they have been consuming for a long time, they don’t experience any issues or a withdrawal symptom which is greatly advantageous. 

Cost-Effective treatments

Unlike conventional treatments, homoeopathic remedies are affordable and less expensive. Since they are no side effects, so you don’t need to separately treat them. Hence, one doesn’t have to bear any additional expenses. This is not the case with other conventional non-prescriptive drugs like Paracetamol which can lead to side effects like rashes, body weakness etc. 

Easily available- Fever Homeopathic Medicines

Are easily available at various drug stores. But one should buy medicines as per suggestions of homoeopaths because medicines prepared by different manufacturers have varying quality and effectiveness. It is also imperative to take the correct dosage as prescribed by the doctor. 

Easy to administer

Homeopathic are generally sweet in form of tiny balls of tablets or syrups. Since they are not bitter, even children consume them without protesting. 


Homoeopaths suggest medicines for fever after thoroughly analysing all symptoms- like stress, body aches, weakness etc., and considering different factors. They try to go to the base of problems and suggest remedies accordingly. Though these medicines for different acute or chronic illnesses are easily accessible, one should not self-prescribe. Proper consultation with a well-qualified and experienced practitioner will reap great benefits along with positively altering your overall health. Homoeopathy is the best option if you want to see long-lasting effects and not merely treat symptoms.

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