Fun and Easy Washi Tape Projects for a Playroom

Washi tape is an enjoyable and simple way to add vibrant color and design to a space. With some imagination, you can turn your playroom into an amazing sanctuary that your kids will adore.

You can use this tape for many craft projects. For instance, you could make bookmarks and clothespins using it.

1. Wall art

Washi tape printing is an inexpensive way to add fun and unique decor to a room without breaking the bank. Available in hundreds of patterns and colors, it’s easy to stick on various surfaces while being completely removable without leaving behind residue or damage.

One of the most popular wall art ideas involves using washi tape to create amazing patterns that replicate wallpaper. Whether you choose a simple stripe pattern or something more elaborate, it will instantly give your walls an updated look and give them a modern touch.

This is an ideal idea for playrooms or children’s bedrooms, but it could also be used in the home office or any other place you want to add some color and personality. Simply cut down a piece of paper to fit the width of your frame, then wrap it with washi tape.

For an even brighter effect, cut out shapes of your favorite colors from cardstock paper and glue them onto the top of the frame. This will make it appear like a rainbow, making it perfect decoration for kids’ bedrooms or any room that could use some freshening up!

2. Furniture

Washi tape is a beloved craft tool, featuring vibrant colors and patterns. Its ease of use make it ideal for both novices and seasoned DIYers alike.

Decorative tapes can be used in a variety of ways, from framing art prints with vibrant borders to brightening plain stationery with bold grids. Plus, they’re an affordable way to give any room an eye-catching makeover on a budget!

One of my favorite projects using washi tape is decorating a wooden crate. Not only does this look gorgeous, but it also allows me to store things like books, blankets and towels in an eye-catching way.

Another fun furniture project to try is decorating a chest of drawers. You can use multiple colors and patterns on each drawer – perfect for kids’ rooms and keeping your drawers organized!

Another fun and easy furniture project for kids is covering an old mirror frame with washi tape. Not only does this save space in a child’s playroom, but it makes an excellent craft project to do together with mom or dad.

Tape can also be used to decorate small tubs for storage purposes. This would be perfect in a bathroom or kitchen, and even as decoration on desks.

3. Decorate the light switch

Washi tape, like masking tape, is an enjoyable and simple way to adorn your home with beautiful designs. With many colors and patterns available, you can mix-and-match different items for a stunning aesthetic.

These ideas are perfect for any playroom where you want to add some personality. Plus, they make great DIY projects for children!

Create a light switch cover out of fabric! Cut out rectangles slightly larger than the light switch cover on all sides, leaving at least half an inch space between each one. You can choose any fabric, but consider one that matches the theme of your playroom.

Another design idea is to adorn your light switch with rhinestones. You can purchase them already made or create it yourself using Mod Podge and glitter.

This is an ideal idea for girls’ bedrooms as it requires minimal time investment. Plus, it teaches your kids how to pick their own colors!

If your mirror frame doesn’t quite match your decor, tape can be used to disguise it. Try covering it with different colors or create a simple rainbow-style design for an eye-catching touch.

4. Antler trophies

Antler trophies are great to craft and look fantastic when displayed. Try using custom washi tape to decorate some of them for added visual interest!

The best antler trophies have wide beams and long tines (or points). Additionally, they exhibit symmetry; it’s rare for a deer to score without at least four points on each antler and the tip of the main beam.

Another factor in scoring a trophy is the length of its tines, which should measure 10 inches or longer. They must be evenly spaced along both sides of the rack and longer than antler tips (usually 12″) to count as one piece.

In addition to length measurements, antler spread must measure at least 20 inches across, extending beyond the ears of the animal. Some bucks have their main beams curving inward; others sprout out from the center.

If you’re a hunter and would like to know where your antlers will stand in the record books, consider reaching out to an official measurer. They can be found at B&C or P&Y websites for a nominal fee.

5. Table lamp

Crafting art with washi tape is a great way to express your imagination and save money on materials. Plus, it’s an easy project that the kids can do together.

If you have an old mirror frame lying around, adding color and character with tape is easy! There are so many shades to choose from and different patterns are available if desired.

Create a rainbow by taping washi tape onto each stripe – it’s easy and the result looks incredible!

One easy and entertaining project is decorating a wooden spoon. Not only does it make for an adorable decoration for your playroom, but the lights add such a fun atmosphere when the spoon is illuminated!

Try decorating a book with washi tape! Not only will this help organize your children’s schoolwork, but it’s an excellent opportunity for them to express their creativity!

Table lamps are an ideal choice for bedrooms and reading areas, as they can be placed either side of a bed or near the couch. Not only do they cast soft light that reduces glare while reading, but they are usually less than 32 inches tall with many styles, sizes, and colors to choose from.

6. Race track for toy cars

One of the tastiest and simplest washi tape projects you can make for your kid’s playroom is a race track. All it takes is some scissors and paint – and an entire roll!

This activity is ideal for young kids to develop their imagination and creativity as they create various tracks using different kinds of washi tape. Furthermore, it encourages them to use both creative and logical thinking as they navigate various obstacles while playing.

It is an effective way to develop children’s motor skills and enhance hand-eye coordination. It is suitable for children aged two or older and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The best part of this product is that it requires no batteries and can easily be taken on play dates or grandparents’ houses. Plus, assembly is simple and takes up minimal space – perfect for when space is at a premium!

Another washi tape project you can try is wrapping a pencil cup or tin can with it. This would be ideal for storing crayons, tools and whatever else needs storage in an organized manner – perfect for classrooms or kid’s craft rooms!

7. Wall decorations

Washi tape is an affordable and fun way to decorate your walls. It comes in various patterns and colors, plus it’s repositional so you can move it around for a different look whenever desired.

Wall decorations made with washi tape are an ideal addition to any playroom. Not only will these ideas save you money on materials and take up minimal time, but they provide your child’s room a unique, personalized touch without breaking the bank.

These projects are ideal for people of any age! Kids can decorate the wall themselves and be proud to show off their artwork!

One popular way to use washi tape is to create a symmetrical design. Simply draw a line down the center of the wall and then add strips in varying widths on either side.

Another easy and fun wall decoration idea is creating a honeycomb design. This project is ideal for beginners as it doesn’t require any cutting or painting and requires only minimal supplies.

Renters or anyone wanting to add temporary color and style to their walls will love this option. Plus, it’s simple to change up the theme if your kids’ tastes or the season changes.

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