How Can I Track My Delhivery Parcel?

In this modern age of online shopping and global deliveries, keeping track of your parcels is essential. Delhivery, one of India’s leading logistics companies, offers a user-friendly tracking system that allows you to monitor your package’s journey from the point of dispatch to its final destination. In this article, we will guide you through the process of tracking your Delhivery parcel, step by step.

Understanding Delhivery and its Services

Delhivery is a prominent logistics and supply chain solutions provider in India. The company offers a wide range of services, including parcel deliveries for e-commerce businesses and individual customers. Their vast network, advanced technology, and commitment to timely deliveries have made them a popular choice for shipping solutions.

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Why Parcel Tracking is Important

Parcel tracking provides valuable information to both the sender and the recipient. It offers real-time updates on the package’s whereabouts, estimated delivery date, and any potential delays. This transparency ensures peace of mind and allows customers to plan accordingly for the arrival of their package.

How to Track Your Delhivery Parcel

Step 1: Obtain the Tracking Number

To track your Delhivery parcel, you must first obtain the unique tracking number assigned to your package. This tracking number is usually provided by the sender or can be found in the shipping confirmation email.

Step 2: Visit the Delhivery Website

Once you have the tracking number, visit the official Delhivery website at

Step 3: Enter the Tracking Number

Locate the tracking input box on the website’s homepage. Enter the tracking number accurately and click on the “Track” button.

Step 4: Tracking Details

The website will then display the latest tracking information for your parcel. You can see the current location of your package, transit history, and the expected delivery date.

Step 5: Additional Tracking Options

For more convenience, you can create an account on the Delhivery website and save your tracking numbers. This allows you to track multiple parcels simultaneously and receive notifications on their status.

Delhivery Mobile App

The Convenience of Mobile Tracking

Delhivery offers a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to track your parcels on the go. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it provides a seamless tracking experience.

How to Use the Delhivery Mobile App

  1. Download and install the Delhivery app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Sign in to your account or create a new one.
  3. Enter the tracking number in the provided field.
  4. Track your parcel in real-time and receive push notifications for updates.

Common Tracking Issues and Solutions

Tracking Information Delay

In some cases, tracking information may experience a slight delay due to unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, don’t panic; the system will likely update the details shortly.

Address and Delivery Issues

Ensure that the shipping address you provided is accurate and up to date. Any errors in the address can lead to delivery delays or misplacement of the package.

Lost or Stolen Packages

If you suspect that your package is lost or stolen, contact Delhivery’s customer support immediately. They will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

Tips for Efficient Parcel Tracking

Regular Updates

Check the tracking information regularly to stay informed about any changes in your package’s status.

Contacting Delhivery Support

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your delivery, do not hesitate to reach out to Delhivery’s customer support team.

Opting for SMS Notifications

You can choose to receive SMS notifications for important tracking updates, making it easier to stay informed.

Delhivery’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Delhivery takes great pride in providing top-notch customer service. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their fast and secure deliveries.

Speedy Delivery

Delhivery strives to deliver packages within the estimated time frame, ensuring a quick and efficient service.

Secure Packaging

To safeguard your items during transit, Delhivery uses robust and secure packaging methods.

Easy Returns

Delhivery offers hassle-free returns for products that are eligible for return as per the company’s policies.

How Delhivery Manages Tracking Data

The Importance of Data Security

Delhivery takes data security seriously and ensures that all tracking information is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Improving Delivery Efficiency

By analyzing tracking data, Delhivery continuously works on improving their delivery processes and minimizing delays.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Tracking data allows Delhivery to gain insights into customer preferences and enhance their overall experience.


In conclusion, tracking your Delhivery parcel is a straightforward and essential process for staying informed about your package’s whereabouts. With their user-friendly website and mobile app, Delhivery provides customers with real-time updates, ensuring a seamless delivery experience. By utilizing advanced technology and focusing on customer satisfaction, Delhivery has established itself as a reliable logistics partner in India.


  1. Can I track my Delhivery parcel without a tracking number?
    • Unfortunately, tracking your parcel requires a unique tracking number assigned to your package.
  2. What should I do if my tracking information hasn’t been updated for several days?
    • In such cases, it’s best to contact Delhivery’s customer support for assistance.
  3. Can I change the delivery address of my parcel after it has been dispatched?
    • Once the package is dispatched, it is challenging to change the delivery address. It’s crucial to provide the correct address at the time of placing the order.
  4. Are there any additional charges for using Delhivery’s mobile app for tracking?
    • No, the mobile app is free to download and use for tracking your parcels.
  5. What happens if my parcel gets lost during transit?
    • If your parcel is lost during transit, you should immediately contact Delhivery’s customer support, who will investigate the matter and provide a resolution.

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