How Can Web To Print Software Benefit Custom Packaging Industries?

How Can Web To Print Software Benefit Custom Packaging Industries? With the pandemic still present, the eCommerce sector has seen a significant transformation over the years, and demand for product packaging has only increased. By 2025, the market is projected to be around $61.55 billion, thus there will be an even greater need for more inventive customer packaging.

Because shipping and fulfillment for eCommerce firms establish a direct relationship with the customer, the packaging is a fantastic marketing opportunity. Sure, the packaging should protect the goods from harm, but why not have some fun and give your customers a unique experience?

What is eCommerce packaging?

Packaging used for direct consumer delivery of your products is frequently referred to as eCommerce packaging. It doesn’t sound all that fascinating, and because it was mostly about function and protection in the past, there wasn’t much thought put into it.

However, there is a missed opportunity when failing to create a brand product packaging experience as online commerce expands and more consumers want to shop from home. Customers will respond favorably to the careful consideration given to the choice of packing materials.

You want to leave a positive, long-lasting impression on your customers because you are bringing a piece of your business to their homes.

Importance of eCommerce packaging:

Online buying is more practical, but there are no longer any human links with the buyer. Since there are fewer touchpoints as a result of the separation, it may be more difficult to guarantee things like repeat business and overall client happiness.

Branded packaging is even more crucial because it makes you start apart from the competition. Moreover, it provides a memorable experience for the customer at each point of contact. When it comes to returning customers, premium packaging has an impact.

The way you present yourself in packaging affects how people perceive you and what they will eventually come to anticipate from you. Unboxing has grown in popularity, and getting a nice appearance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You shouldn’t lose focus on the safety component of product transportation just because we’re looking at a better approach to present your packaged product. There are various packing options available, including:

  • Roll end tab lock corrugated
  • Box regular slotted corrugated boxes
  • Roll end top corrugated boxes
  • Shipping poly mailers

Along with the type of packaging, there are different types of filler and inserts to keep the order safe and add cushion when being shipped.

Custom Print Packaging:

The most crucial element of eCommerce shipping is the container, especially when it serves as a promotional item. We achieve the overall aesthetic with the help of design, but effective product shipping requires the correct packaging. Various packaging choices are available based on the product. There are several different types of boxes, and not everything requires a large box.

Roll end tab lock is the most popular form of the corrugated box. Often we refer to it as the mailer box. It is strong yet simple to open, ensuring the safety of the package and a pleasant unpacking experience.

We use standard corrugated boxes with slots to carry large, heavy objects that may require additional protection while shipping.

Similar to the roll end tab lock, the roll end top corrugated boxes are a little bit larger and ideal for items like clothing and electronics.

Because they are flexible, we use shipping poly mailers for flexible packaging. It is not a structural box, but it is portable and strong, making it ideal for little objects. Despite the fact that these are some of the most common and universal, there are many alternative designs that can be more appropriate depending on the item or type of business.

In general, Web-to-Print enables users to design boxes that correspond to their brand and product. We get the experience by the combination of the design and the style box; they simply don’t function apart.


Stickers are a simple and affordable approach to brand the smaller container components. You can seal tissue paper inside a box with brand stickers, or you can use them to mark the outside of your shipments with your logo. Since stickers are often inexpensive, placing them in the package is another way to promote your brand to clients. Stickers may also be a terrific add-on to the order and an additional gift with purchase.

wrapping paper To keep the package tight and secure during shipping, you can decorate the packing tape with stickers or your logo. The package experience will be more valuable as a whole if creativity adds to the little aspects without sacrificing safety.

How Web-to-Print can help create a custom print packaging experience?

Developing and maintaining package products that are brand-consistent has become easier with ImprintNext product design software. Packaging benefits from Web-to-Print since it makes it possible to upload different colors, patterns, and texts to any type of box as well as other packaging items. Software for designing packages comes with templates and allows for simple platform uploads. You can add and store any customized text or brand logos to reuse them on subsequent goods.

Web-to-Print offers a means to browse and create without making a commitment, improving the purchasing experience. One of the wonderful things about Web-to-Print is the ability to experiment with concepts before settling on the final appearance. Web-to-print makes it possible to make custom packaging of branded products.

The best way to generate each concept and item of personalized packaging is through web-to-print. The design tools offered by Web-to-Print make it simple to add a mask or layering effect, include shapes or images in a template, and develop a brand identity with consistent colors.

Give them a 3D preview:

Since there are so many different angles and dimensions, it might be challenging to picture what a physical product packaging would look like. The ability to view the packaging in 3D will guarantee that the overall aesthetic is consistently flawless. Before being produced, the packaging’s virtual prototype is checked one last time.

Knowing exactly how it will seem in practice. It can provide you peace of mind while making any last-minute alterations or decisions. Who doesn’t love improved print accuracy and fewer printing mistakes? The 3D image provides the most accurate representation of how the printed package will actually appear. A folding and unfolding capability is offered by ImprintNext’s 3D view. Yet it gives another perspective on how the package will seem at each stage.

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