How to become an online tutor? That is the question!

This is the 6th edition of the original and comprehensive Tutor training preparing for conducting lessons via the Internet.
What apps to use? How to avoid technical problems? How to solve the payment issue? How to convince students to study online?

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Tutor Search

I know the answers to these and other questions about online lessons. You can find out more about the author of the training.
About the training
Answers to questions about how to teach online can be found on the learning training “How to become an Online Tutoring Lahore?”I have prepared 15 lessons to learn from. You watch lessons as often as you need, where and when you want, on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Who is this training for?

For everyone who wants to conduct online lessons, especially foreign language tutors. I teach English, so I give a lot of examples of these languages. Tutors of, for example, O-levels and home tutors for A-levels as a language have already participated in my piece of training.
The training was created for tutors taking their first steps in online learning and those who already teach online and would like to develop, organize and spin their classes.

What does the training include?

15 video lessons

· tutorials showing how to use applications and tools
· practical tasks to be performed
· hardware recommendations, e.g. headphones and microphone
· recommendations of applications, tools and websites that work well in online lessons
· answers to the most frequently asked questions
· solutions to the most common problems before, during and after class
· the opportunity to ask questions
· and finally – a certificate!

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What is the training program?

Lesson 1: Online classes, e-learning, distance learning and face-to-face lessons – what’s the difference?

· Are online lessons and e-learning the same?
· How are online lessons different from face-to-face lessons?
· What solutions are available in remote education?

Lesson 2: Planning and conducting online lessons.

· How to plan online lessons?
· What are the methods and techniques for conducting such lessons?
· What should you pay attention to during classes?

Lesson 3: Online learning apps

· What apps are currently available?
· How to use them?
· Which app to choose?
· Tutorials: how to use the application step by step (!!!)

Lesson 4: What problems can be easily avoided?

· What are the most common problems tutors teach online?
· What to do to avoid stumbling?
· How to react when a problem occurs?

Lesson 5: Online conversations

· How to conduct engaging online conversation lessons?
· What tools are worth using to spice up conversation classes?

Lesson 6: We teach grammar

· Can you learn grammar online? (Of course!)
· How to explain and practice grammar in an online lesson?

Lesson 7: We teach vocabulary

· What tools support our students and us in learning and consolidating vocabulary?
· How do these apps work?
· How to implement them?

Lesson 8: We teach reading

· How to practice text comprehension during online lessons?
· How to conduct an exciting lesson with elements of reading?

Lesson 9: We teach writing

· Can I write in an online course? Of course! What’s more – learning how to write can be very effective!
· What tools to use?

Lesson 10: We teach listening

· How to practice listening comprehension?
· How to use audio and video recordings before, during and after online classes?

Lesson 11: Online class materials

· What materials to use?
· How to use the manual?
· How to prepare your materials?

Lesson 12: Online individual and group classes

· How to organize group classes?
· How to tame a group during online lessons?

Lesson 13: How to get organized?

· How to schedule classes effectively?
· How and where to store materials?
· Only practical tips from the life of an online tutor are taken.

Lesson 14: Collaborating with students

· How to arrange cooperation so that it is satisfactory for both parties?
· What to do to avoid unpleasant situations?
· Where to look for students?
· What is a contract, and how to prepare it?

Lesson 15: Technical Requirements for Online Classes

· What equipment will we need to teach professionally and casually?
· How fast does the global village have to be?

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