How to Get a Smoke Smell Out of a Leather Jacket?

Have you been to a BBQ lately wearing your stunning leather jacket, but now you’re irritated with the smell of smoke it has? Or have you been smoking with your gang, and now can’t get the smoke smell out of your leather jacket? 

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Coming back to the problem that we have, we know how exasperating the smell of smoke can be. Thus, here we are, with a detailed article that will help you in getting the smoke smell out of leather jackets.

Smoke smell can penetrate into the pores of the leather jacket, and it may be very hard to get rid of it. Below are listed some smart ways that will help you in getting smoke out of your leather jacket. Dig in. 

  1. Use a leather cleaner

The best way to remove smoke smell from your leather jacket is to use a leather cleaner. Leather cleaners are meant to penetrate leather pores in order to get rid of impurities, such as smoke. All you need is a high quality leather cleaner and a sponge or lint-free cloth. Apple leather cleaner on the surface of your leather jacket and wipe it off using a sponge or lint-free cloth. Make sure to clean the corners and nooks of the jacket. Lastly, you can wipe off your leather jacket with a clean piece of cloth.

  1. Use baking soda

Baking soda is best known as an effective deodorizer. It can easily remove impurities and stenches from leather goods, also, it is cost effective and can easily be found. All you need is a handful of baking soda and a Ziploc bag. Fill the Ziploc bag with baking soda, and place it inside your leather jacket to get rid of the smell. Do not apply baking powder directly on your leather jacket, as it can lead to discoloration and damage to your jacket. 

  1. Use white vinegar with water

Vinegar is the best disinfectant and deodorizer that can easily remove the smell of smoke from your leather jacket. All you need is one cup of vinegar, one cup of water and a lint-free piece of cloth. Make a solution of both, and dip the piece of cloth in it, and rub it on the surface of your leather jacket. Let the jacket dry for a while. You will notice the smell of smoke subsiding from your leather jacket. Once the jacket is dried, use a leather conditioner to nourish and moisture your leather jacket.

  1. Use charcoal

Charcoal is another best way to get rid of the smoke smell from leather jackets. Just like baking soda, it helps in eliminating all types of smells from leather apparels, mainly cigarette smoke smell. All you need is charcoal and a large bowl. Fill in the bowl with charcoal and place it near your leather jacket for a good two to three days. Charcoal will absorb all the smoke smell from your leather jacket. 

  1. Use rubbing alcohol and water

Rubbing alcohol can be used to get rid of the smoke smell from your leather jacket if you don’t want to use vinegar. All you need is rubbing alcohol, water and a lint-free cloth. Mix one part of rubbing alcohol with one part of water, and dampen the lint-free cloth in the solution. Lightly apply the damp cloth on the surface of your leather jacket, and make sure to apply it more on the uncovered areas. Let the jacket dry, and if the smell isn’t gone yet, repeat the process again. 


Leather jackets are very expensive and it won’t be possible to invest in a new one, just because your jacket is stained or has a smoke smell entrenched into it. We believe that the above-mentioned ways are very effective in getting rid of the smoke out of leather jackets. Try these, and thank us later.

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