How to maintain your Window Blinds

The blinds on the windows that you have in your home are simpler to keep in good order than you imagine and this post will help you learn how to maintain them well every day without much hassle.

We guarantee that, with these helpful and effective techniques, the care of your online blinds Canada will be less task to be added to your spring cleaning agenda during the season of festivals. 

Understanding Your Blinds

To maintain your blinds, it is first learning the way they work. The typical window blind is comprised of many slats (either vertical or horizontal) joined by cords that pass through the slats. These cords are conveniently placed so that you can operate in a fold or unfolding motion to allow for the amount of light, air and privacy you would like within your home.

Now let’s have look at how Professionals clean blinds.

Cleaning Your Blinds

Cleaning your blinds can be accomplished with commonly used household products which are simple to find and easy on your pocket. It is not necessary to purchase machines like vacuum cleaners or other equipment to complete the job.

Soft cloth/microfibre cloth: to remove the ever-present dust that accumulates in your window blinds use any soft cloth for the blinds so that they remain free of dust. They function as gentle cleaning tools that will ensure that your blinds stay beautiful and tidy. Regularly dusting will ensure that dust mites remain in check!

What happens if you discover there’s a bit of dirt or dust that has collected or a slight stain that has ruined the blinds, you love? Don’t fret or be concerned that’s why you should apply a non-bleach cleaner.

Non-bleach detergents: You can treat the grime or dust or small stain using all mild soap that doesn’t contain bleaching agents or an abrasive texture. The detergent must be mixed with warm water, and a soft cloth soaked in the warm liquid will take off the stains. To apply, you need to dampen the cloth with a soft one and then wipe the blinds clean towards the slats.

Keep Calm and Call

If the stain is too deep or the cord mechanism isn’t working correctly or is damaged Be cool and call your local dealer. Blind services in Canada like weblinds usually take care of all problems you have with blinds. They’ll be able to recommend the best solution for your situation and can assist you.

Effective Cleaning and Maintenance Methods

Cleaning Instructions: Clean your blinds keeping your eye on the design of the blinds. For horizontal blinds, efficient cleaning starts with the top slide. For vertical blinds clean them regularly in a downward direction. Blinds that have accumulated dust because of improper cleaning should be cleaned first, before applying a damp, warm soft cloth to wash them.

The staining or spillage that occurs on your blinds should be treated as soon as it occurs using that moist gentle cloth.

If you have to utilize a vacuum cleaner when cleaning your blinds, we suggest that you use at the lowest setting!

It is possible to refer to our simple table, which answers the basic questions you have about your home.

The Materials Of Your Blinds: You’ve noticed that window blinds are available in a range of styles, colors and materials such as wood, plastic and so on. So, keep your mind on the material the blinds are made of when cleaning them.

Blinds made of wood are made with a soft cloth, but make sure that you wash it thoroughly. Cleaning and maintenance of wooden blinds is similar to your furniture made of wood – the absolute minimum. They just require an easy clean using dry cloth or soft brush and that’s all.

For Fabric blinds, when using a moist cloth for cleaning, make sure that the cloth doesn’t bleed color.

Operating Blinds: The maintenance of your blinds is not only about cleaning and a gorgeous, beautiful appearance. It goes beyond its functionality and the blinds’ cords must be properly maintained for optimal use.

If you are using your manual blinds make sure you use them in close proximity, not at an angle that is wide because they are not able to function as efficiently when misused. It is a lack of management and misuse that make your blinds work ineffectively because of loose cords or a broken end cap or bracket.

If there was mistreatment of the blinds, and there’s a loose-end bracket and cap We suggest you make use of an acrylic mallet, instead of the traditional hammer made of metal.

Blind Cleaning Dos & Don’ts

Still here? Fabulous! Here are some helpful window blind cleaning tips and don’ts to help you on your way.


  • Clean your blinds twice each month to maintain them.
  • Clean your blinds and clean your flooring
  • Use soft cloths and clean solutions
  • Dry them completely after any liquid is used to wash


  • Do not wash your blinds with water without first eliminating dust. Blinds made of wood, such as Venetian blinds as well as motorised blinds that you make yourself (because of their technical components) should not be using water in any way.

We hope this was informative and helpful for keeping and cleaning up your blinds. As we’ve said earlier they’re an investment for the long term over any other item. You want to make certain you’re getting the most of them the most you could. As with all things else in life, proper focus and care should be paid to accomplish this.

If you’re not sure of the best method of cleaning horizontal blinds don’t hesitate to contact us. At Weblinds in Canada, we are experts in all things. From giving advice on the best way to purchase roller blinds online, to how to care for them. There’s no question that’s too small or big and you can go ahead and submit them to us. Our ears and doors remain open!

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