How to Study for Power BI Exam – Full Guide

Power BI Data Analyst certification validates your expertise in data analysis within the framework of Power BI. Microsoft Power BI Data Analysts collaborate with important industry players. This certification helps you learn to raise the worth of data assets. It will not only make you distinguish yourself from others but also greatly improve the effectiveness of your business operations. Power BI data analysts help enterprises by producing simple-to-understand data visualisations.

Microsoft Power BI training will help you clear the PL-300 test. It will further put you in a position where you can access additional opportunities. You will discover every detail regarding the PL-300 certification through this post. You will also obtain a study guide to help you prepare well for the test.

About PL-300 Exam

Data wrangling, data visualization, and report building are all covered in the PL-300 certification test. Most test questions are multiple-choice, but you could also notice rearranging or simulation problems. Power BI certification costs just $165 to take the test. And to clear the examination, you must score at least 700 out of 1000. You will get 90 minutes to finish it. Additionally, the exam is only available in English.

This certification was formerly called the DA-100 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI. It officially expired on March 31, 2022. Both exams are essentially the same. The only thing that differs is the title change.

The Power BI Data Analyst tests don’t have any prerequisites, but you must be aware of the following before enrolling for the exam:

  • Usage of Power Query
  • How to write expressions in DAX
  • The basics of data processing
  • How to leverage on-premises and cloud infrastructures’ data repositories
  • Additionally, passing the Power BI Data Analyst certification could greatly assist in learning Power BI’s core concepts and best practices.

Enroll in Microsoft Power BI certification training and gain the required skills the profession needs.

The PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Preparation Guide

To ace the test, you need a well-organized study plan and approach. Let’s get right to the study manual and teaching resources.

  1. Examination Guide

This is the most crucial step in the preparation guide. It is essential to be conscious of the test goals before the exam while creating the test plan. So, here’s the Microsoft Power BI course outline

  • Gather the Data (15–20%)
  • Model the Data (30–35%)
  • Data Visualization and Analysis (25–30%)
  • Asset Deployment and Maintenance (20–25%)
  1. Instructor-led Training

The length of video courses can be time-consuming. You will understand how to process and gain access to data from numerous sources. One of the best methods to go further into Power BI Microsoft certification principles is through Microsoft’s instructor-led video tutorials under the designation “PL300T00 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst.” Moreover, Microsoft’s PL-300 test prep videos can assist you in comprehending the format and domains of the test.

  1. Microsoft Community

You should sign up for the Microsoft community. Forums are great for creating the community needed to know about others. The likelihood of solving an issue increases significantly when several individuals are engaged. You can clear your doubts about Microsoft Power BI training with others. 

  1. Books

Books for the PL-900 test provide many useful tools to utilize for learning. Microsoft offers reference materials that might be helpful for test preparation. You may find pertinent publications that will aid in your comprehension of the test’s goals, help you pass the exam, and assist you in getting your certification.

  1. Practice Test

To assess your progress, it is crucial to put what you’ve learned into practice. Power BI training can only go so far. You need to improve your response capabilities through practice. It can help you save a lot of time. The best time to start taking practice tests is once you’ve finished learning about one topic in depth. It will act as a part of the review for you.

In Conclusion

To strengthen your CV and advance your profession by learning some slick data analytics skills, you must pass the PL-300 test. A powerful and distinctive data analysis tool, Power BI, can simplify your life. The best approach to becoming a data analyst, you should enroll in Microsoft Power BI training and ace the PL-300 test. You would be a great asset to the company as a Power BI specialist. Gaining practical experience with Power BI will enable you to address issues and assist others in streamlining their daily requirements. Utilize the tips mentioned in this post to speed up the certification process and launch a rewarding career.

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