How to Style an Oversized Leather Jacket?

Are you looking for an outerwear that could embrace you with a super chic yet unique look? Have you thought about getting yourself an oversized leather jacket? Well, if you haven’t, then it’s high time to get your hands on a classy oversized leather jacket right away.

As we all know, leather jackets are a fashion staple that’s been in the trend for more than decades now. The charm and versatility that a leather jacket holds is certainly commendable, and there’s literally no other piece of apparel that could stand in comparison with leather jackets. 

Just how popular and trending fitted leather jackets are, oversized leather jackets have also made their way in the fashion line. Oversized leather jackets are a complete package of style and charisma, offering a hip hop and funky look that today’s generation is eager for. 

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Below are some basic ways to style oversized leather jackets. Let’s go through them and embrace ourselves with the look that’ll make us stand out amongst the crowd. Dig in.

  1. Oversized leather jacket with black midi dress and white sneakers

The good thing about an oversized leather jacket is that it can literally go along with anything. You can pair up your black oversized leather jacket with a gorgeous black midi dress and put on some fine jewelry to look classy for the night. For footwear, go along with white sneakers, and don’t forget to wear your cross body bag. This black outfit with white sneakers, and a whole load of attitude, is exactly what you’ve been missing. 

  1. Oversized leather jacket with a gray tee, blue flare jean and lace-up shoes

For a casual look to go out with friends and get some good pictures, we would suggest you to wear a grey tee, a plain one, and pair it up with a blue flare jean. Tuck in your tee and pull the sleeves up. If it’s super cold, wear your oversized jacket, otherwise, just drop it on your shoulders for a sexy look. End up this casual yet stunning look, with lace-up shoes, and get ready to gather up compliments from the crowd. 

  1. Oversized leather jacket with a white shirt, black pant and black heels

To maintain elegance and grace along with sexiness, this is the outfit that you need to style up with your oversized leather jacket. Wear your favorite white shirt and pair it up with a decent black pants. Accessorize this look with black heels, a messy bun and your sexy black shades. Last but not the least, wear your black oversized leather jacket and there you are, with the formal look that you needed for the meeting at work. 

  1. Oversized leather jacket with a white crop top, military cargo pant and black boots

For those who are seeking a casual and carefree look, an oversized leather jacket is exactly what you’ll need to grab onto. Put on your white crop top, and wear your oversized leather jacket along with it, leaving the zipper open. Match this white top with military cargo pants, with a high waist band, and black boots. OOF! Isn’t this look ravishing? Moreover, you can wear your simple gold chain, round hoop earrings and your favorite sunglasses. 

  1. Oversized leather jacket with a floral midi dress with a front slit and black knee high boots

As we said earlier, oversized leather jackets go perfectly along with every outfit, even with dresses. So, if you’re going on your first date, then you might want to wear a pretty floral midi dress, with a front slit, to show off some skin – you’ll look stunning. Pair up this dress with an oversized leather jacket so that you don’t get cold, and also, you need something that wouldn’t suppress the beauty of your dress. Get done with this look by wearing black knee high boots. Hold onto your hand bag, leave your hair open and maybe wear some elegant jewelry such as, diamond cut stud earrings, a heart necklace and your wrist watch.


These are just a few ways to style your oversized leather jacket, there are many more that you can explore and slay in. We believe that these outfits must’ve given you the idea of how you can style your oversized leather jacket for a charming and mesmerizing look. Good luck. 

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