How To Use Custom Counter Display Boxes To Sell Products And Get Customers

Custom counter display boxes are an excellent tool for retailers to use in their stores and are especially useful for online retailers.

If you’ve got products you’d like to sell but don’t have enough room on your shelves, a display box might be just what you’re looking for. Custom display boxes are usually used as a placeholder for other goods displayed elsewhere. But they can also be used as stand-alone pieces of art that capture the attention of passersby.

They’re a simple and easy way to create eye-catching displays that will draw people into your store and keep them coming back.

Types Of Display Packaging Boxes To Market Your Goods

There are different types of custom printed counter display  boxes available in the industry.This article will discuss the benefits of each display box to sell your products.

  • Countertop displays
  • Floor displays
  • Power wings
  • Endcaps 

Countertop Display Boxes

What are custom counter display boxes?

A countertop display box is an attractive, convenient way to present your items. You can easily place it on your countertop and showcase your products in a way that makes them easy to see and purchase. In addition, countertop display boxes are great for displaying small items, such as jewelry or small toys. You can also use them to show larger products like food or clothing.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Counter-Top Display Boxes?

Counter display boxes can help you sell more of your products by making them more visible and enhancing their value. They are also easier for buyers to access than large boxes. Hence, they decrease delivery costs and time spent handling orders. In addition, they are also durable enough to handle different types of weather conditions, so they will not break during transport or when placed outside in the rain.

Floor Display Boxes 

Floor display boxes are a great way to get your items noticed. These boxes can be made from any material and come in different sizes. They are usually available in cardboard material. The box should be small enough that it does not take up too much space on the floor but is big enough to be visible to anyone walking by.

A good way of attracting customers’ attention is to use bright colors and patterns on your box. It will make it more noticeable and easier for people to spot when they look at it while shopping around your store. In addition, you can also go for some stickers with your company’s logo or name on them so that people will know what kind of product you offer.

Choose The Right Size For Your Products

To find out which size of custom counter display boxes will suit your needs, consider how much space you have available on your packages. What type of goods do you want to sell? And how much weight each product weighs?

Design Impressive Display Packaging

Regarding custom counter display boxes, ensure that your packaging is the show’s star. All you need is to watch your packages and think, wow, this packaging is excellent. So what can you do? We are here to help. 

Below are some tips for making your custom-printed counter display boxes pop:

Make sure to choose the correct elements for your package, such as color scheme, graphics, etc. However, if you add unnecessary designs, everything looks messy and boring. Besides, use white space well. Don’t fill up every inch with text or images; leave space. 

Choose An Attractive And Clear Font

Add visual and trendy font styles to your custom counter display boxes. The font should be large enough to be noticed but not too big to take away from the product itself. If you’re using a logo or other graphic design element on the top of your container, make sure it’s large enough to impact your product’s image without overloading it.

Go For Seasonal Themes 

Design your retail packaging boxes according to themes to achieve the targeted sales. According to facts, it is proven that seasonal themes can quickly catch buyers’ attention. Always follow the latest trends and ensure your custom printed counter display boxes wholesale go well with the seasonal holidays and events. 

For example, you can make use of the summer or autumn trends. In this way, people will surely give your goods a look and will probably end up buying. Besides, Christmas, spring, and New Year are some other events that guarantee high business.


Custom counter display boxes are becoming more popular than ever. It means you need something unique to boost your business. At CustomBoxesMarket, you can easily order custom printed counter display boxes according to your needs. 

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