How To Use Vacuum Bags to Organize Your Stuff During Travel

There are many hacks available for efficiently packing your luggage and saving your space while traveling. You would have probably never guessed that a vacuum bag can be pretty useful for this purpose as well. Yes! We are talking about how you can use a vacuum bag to pack your luggage and almost double up your storage space. It’s a wonder and not a common hack, but we will tell you how to use a vacuum bag to tuck all your stuff neatly inside your luggage and say goodbye to the nightmare of a spilling suitcase. 

∙       Why use vacuum bags to organize your stuff during travel? 

A vacuum bag is made of heavy-duty plastic and is airtight. It protects against insects, odors and leaks. It also makes the content waterproof. The bag is compressible and as the air can be completely removed, it serves as a spacious storage bag than using the usual luggage space for packing items. 

∙       How do you use a vacuum bag for organizing your stuff while packing?

∙        Firstly, fold your clothes into the bag. Folded clothes help to keep the vacuum bag flattened and easy to compress without wrinkles. Once you have put your clothes inside the bag, you can compress it or remove the air from the bag in two ways. You can either use a vacuum cleaner with the valve of the bag to vacuum out all the air in it. Or, you can roll up the bag after sealing it to force the air out of the valve by squeezing. 

∙        Make sure the bag is absolutely sealed. If it has a zip-lock feature, make sure it is closed at both ends. If it has a valve, ensure that you cap it after compression. If you don’t do this, the vacuum bag will get re-inflated and defeat the purpose of using it for packing in the first place. 

∙        You can use a vacuum bag to double the capacity of your suitcase. The air gets removed from the clothes, so it brings out more space. You can easily pack in heavy clothing items like jackets, trench coats and woollens at minimum space. Carry spare bags which can help you to add items on your way back since our luggage gets heavier when we head back from a trip.  

∙        You can use individual vacuum bags in a similar fashion as packing cubes. Since they are airtight and compressed, they can form compact units separating clean and dirty clothes, tops and bottoms, or keeping special outfits per bag.  

∙        If you use a single vacuum bag or two vacuum bags of big size for packing in all the clothes and clothing items, you can line them up with other stuff like bottles, deo, soaps and anything else that has odor or is in a liquid state. The airtight nature of the bag will keep them free from contamination with odor or any liquid leaks. 

∙       What to keep in mind while using a vacuum bag for packing?

∙        You must remember that as the capacity or the volume of your luggage increases with the use of a vacuum bag, so will the weight of the luggage. If it fits more, it will weigh more. Since airlines nowadays put more constraints on the weight you can carry, make sure you check that you do not breach the weight limit because you can carry more items. Even if you do, be aware of it beforehand by weighing the luggage before hitting the airport so that you know you have to pay extra for the extra weighing items. 

∙        If you travel for a shorter stay at different places then using a vacuum bag can require more time for packing and unpacking than normal luggage packing. Make sure you pack all items in a go because if you leave behind any item you wanted to pack in, you’ll have to repack and compress again. You simply can’t toss it in the bag without taking out the air. 

∙        You need to ensure that you have a vacuum cleaner at your destination so that you can compress the bag. In case you don’t want to undergo the hassle of looking for a vacuum cleaner every time you travel, you can use portable mini hand vacuums that can serve the purpose. They are rechargeable and have USB ports for charging. They are also light and easy to carry. You can also use small hand pumps which would require no charging at all except for your muscle power.  

Vacuum bags are a smart storage and packing option for luggage. You can use the same technique for storing blankets, duvets, bedding, heavy bed sheets and towels when there is a lack of closet space. Its airtight feature will protect it against fungus, insects, odors and moisture. Now that you have learnt a cool hack for packing, take a look at this option for using a vacuum bag for packing.    

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