Is There Any Difference Between Basic and Theoretical Research?

Students in their final year of a degree program must conduct research work to get their degree. It is the final step of their course study in which they write a thesis or dissertation on a specific topic. Researches are of different types, such as basic, theoretical, and applied research. In some fields, you need to research to expand the existing knowledge; this type of research is basic.

Basic research is theoretical and also called pure, fundamental research. Its major aim is to generate new ideas, findings, and theories or improve existing theories by using a specific methodology. There are many questions in the researcher’s mind before conducting the research, such as what exactly basic research is? What is the relation between basic and theoretical research? Or is there any difference between them or not? In this article, you will know all the answers to the above questions. We are going to tell you in-depth about basic and theoretical research so you understand if there is any difference between basic and theoretical research or not.

What is Basic Research?

Basic research is meant to develop or increase scientific knowledge-based. As you know, it generates theories similar to theoretical. It aims to increase the understanding of certain phenomena in the aspect of scientific nature. To better understand nature’s subject or basic concept, you will have to get a better understanding of the basic and theoretical research.

Basic research reveals unknown information. It does not need to use it to solve real-life problems. Rather it focuses on the advancement of knowledge. It expands the information about the scientific study or shows the literature gaps.

You can say that basic research is theoretical as it uses a theoretical approach to increase the knowledge of the current study or to conclude new findings.

The primary goal of this research is to gather the information or data to improve the current situation of any problem or also describe the reason for the problem. It can be descriptive and explanatory. A best dissertation writing service can be hired to do the research better.

What Is Theoretical Research?

Theoretical research is based on theories and explains the assumptions by providing logical proof. It is used in various fields like cyber security, environmental and social science and other fields.

Theoretical research is the same as basic research, in which you investigate basic reasons for a particular problem or phenomenon. It means you must collect the data to generate a specific theory, also known as theoretical sampling.

In theoretical research, the researcher generalizes a phenomenon to observe and identify the existing gaps. Through theoretical assumptions, the researcher provides new knowledge about the different concepts and definitions of the variables.

It is counted as the most valuable research as it provides an understanding of the existing knowledge and future prospects.

Methods of Basic and Theoretical Research Method:

The article will explain the data collection methods to learn more about basic and theoretical research. The data collection method is different from other research approaches. Let’s look at the approaches researchers adopt when conducting basic and theoretical research.


Through conducting interviews, you can easily collect the data. In the interview process, the researcher gets face-to-face interaction with the individuals. You can ask many questions related to your research work and get information. The one main advantage of conducting interviews is that you can ask theoretical questions from the individuals. In this approach, you will get valuable data from the people and use it to generate theory for your task. Remember, not all the data collected through this is accurate, but the interview process will include some irrelevant data.


Observation is a basic and theoretical research method where you pay close attention to the facts. In this approach, you observe the data and gather relevant information to generate a specific theory for your research.


In the experiment stage, you can gather quantitative data. Calculates the quantitative data through the experiment process to test the existing theories. You can also generate new theories through the experiment process of hypothesis testing.

In this type, the researcher needs to identify the dependent or independent variables and how the relationship between both is changing. The outcomes you get from the experimental process will be valuable and accurate.


It is also one of the best ways to collect data for basic and theoretical research. In this approach, you make a list of open-ended and closed-ended questions. It is the best way to collect a cost-effective large amount of data. You must search for the members to whom you must send the questionnaire forms. It is an online data-collection tool, and you can write any questions you want to ask from the individuals here.

Example of Basic and Theoretical Research:

There are many fields in which you conduct basic research. Here are the available examples that do not apply to the following field. Through the examples of basic and theoretical research, you will understand that they are the same.

  • How do parent-teacher meetings affect the educational system?
  • Research to determine the working of the human brain.
  • Why do heart attacks occur?
  • What is the reason behind the depression problem in teenagers?

In all these examples, it is obvious that you need to conduct basic research methods and theories to provide great knowledge to the readers. You still have the option to buy dissertation whenever you are stuck between both research types.


The above discussion is all about basic and theoretical research. Now you have a better understanding of where you need to apply this kind of research. You will also understand that they are both contextually the same in nature. If your tutor asks you to conduct basic research, then remember that you have to generate and use existing theories. No need to get confused more about theoretical and basic research; they are the same. It is cost-effective and valuable research as compared to other research. You need to identify the purpose of your research and then choose specific research for your thesis or dissertation work. Good Luck!

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