What is the purpose of rear wipers in the car

One of the car’s components that is most obviously visible is the wipers. Even a local driver can readily alter or modify these. When it comes to maintaining the windscreen free of dust, dirt, or any other contaminants, these are incredibly helpful. The purpose of the rear wiper is that you can see more clearly as a result when driving. Windshield wipers are essential for your protection because accidents frequently occur as a result of poor visibility. The front and back windscreens of cars both have wipers.

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As you have already suspected, cars come equipped with rear wipers to clean the rear windscreen. Hatchbacks and SUVs, which have rather flat rear windscreens, are prone to having dirt and dust build up on them. Their flat tailgates prevent almost any air from contacting the back window, which leads to the buildup of dust and debris. Since the aerodynamics of the cars do not allow the water to flow away as they do in a sedan, the water droplets also tend to concentrate during rain. This is the main justification for a car’s rear windscreen wiper.

Why do SUVs have windshield wipers but sedans don’t?

The most prevalent defense is that there is an aerodynamic justification, which contends that a car with a trunk and a car with an opening back have distinct airflow over them. These arguments frequently assume that the hatchback in question has vertical or nearly vertical rear windows, which are claimed to get dirtier, more susceptible to the effects of the rain, or whatever.

Firstly, it’s laughably simple to dispel the myth that vehicles only have rear wipers when the back windows are almost vertical. Anywhere outdoors, a simple glance will find hatchback automobiles with rear wipers and rear windows that are angled in a wide variety of ways.

But on the other side, in Porsche, 

The back package shelf is typically where the wiper motors are kept, and there appears to be plenty of space there. In truth, Porsche has been installing rear wipers in vehicles with quite cluttered rear ends for years. Porsche is one of the very few long-time supporters of rear wipers for non-hatches.

Some vehicles, like the Lancia Flamina, even had space in the back for two wipers. Any assertion that it is impossible to place a functional rear wiper on a non-hatchback should be dismissed as the crap it is in light of these brazen, unusual trunked cars that dare to keep their rear windows clear in the rain. It is feasible. It’s been completed.

The decklids on both the Acura and the Volvo are nearly the same length behind the rear windows and are angled similarly. Either one might have been designed as a hatchback or with a trunk. We can still see that the hatchback is the only one with a rear wiper.

However, windshield wipers are offered on ‘sedans’, including the Rapid, Octavia, and Superb.

The design department dislikes the way it looks on the Superb because it “spoils” the lines, thus the factory only offers it as a free option, not as standard.

But all cars don’t have windshield wipers:

 A rear windscreen wiper gives you great visibility through your rearview mirror in bad weather. In addition, it frequently permits the addition of a washer-fluid dispenser, which can also enhance vision in dry situations. Why don’t all cars have rear wipers, but many hatchbacks and SUVs do?

 The necessity of windshield wipers:

Regarding the lack of rear windscreen wipers on sedans, there are many different viewpoints. Some assert that it doesn’t need one because of the sedan’s aerodynamics: Windshear alone clears water, snow, and debris from the glass’s surface.

Others emphasize the body design: The trunk’s length functions as a barrier between the window and tire spray, preventing it from collecting on the glass.

Returning to aerodynamics, another viewpoint contends that air movement passing over the roof of a sedan would cause the wiper to be lifted off the window, rendering it ineffective.

Manufacturing of windshield wiper:

There are numerous reasons why auto manufacturers can decide not to include a rear windscreen wiper. Top of the list are factors like lack of available space for a rear windscreen wiper motor and washer fluid reservoir, the system’s added cost, the need to reduce weight to meet fuel economy requirements, increased drag, which interferes with aerodynamics, and, once more, fuel efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

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