Mistakes to avoid while installing and maintaining water tanks

A water tank is a significant investment for any home or business. When installing the water tank for any application, many will rely on their own knowledge to decide on every aspect of the installation. 

This lack of experience in installation can result in issues that can be costly financially and in terms of time. In some cases, the wrong installation may be hazardous and pose a risk to humans and the surrounding environment. In order to make sure you don’t make any mistakes, here are some tips:

Incorrect location

If the place you thought of placing the water tank is not suitable, then it is obvious that problems will arise very soon. So, to avoid these problems while installing the water tank, one should think of the location of the water tank very carefully.

It is preferable to keep the tanks in the basement or at the top of the house, where it is not subjected to large temperature variations. Consider proper ventilation if you are searching for water tanks for sale, as ventilation would ensure air-water contact.

Rigid pipe work 

The pipe which connects the water tank can contract and expand, and any large alterations in size can result in pipes getting damaged and tanks getting affected. This may result in leakages and water leaks, which can be a serious problem, and severity may depend upon the type of tank.

Installing a flexible pipe can reduce any water leakages at the bottom of the tank. This will also solve the problem of expansion and contraction of pipes. And it is important that when you search for water tanks for sale, you should ensure every pipe fittings related to the tanks are fitted properly with high-quality materials.

Lack of planning

Whether it is a new construction or an already built house, a structural plan for maintaining and cleaning the water tanks is essential. This plan should help in monitoring the water data and also the quality of the water.

This planning should also include creating space for any further expansion of the tank or getting a much bigger tank according to the increased needs. This planning would definitely avoid reducing any major mistakes that may be made during installation.

Using unsuitable products for cleaning

Not taking enough care of the water quality and safety is one of the most common mistakes in water tank maintenance. While selecting the products for water tank cleaning, one should be careful in buying the necessary tools, which could avoid contaminations and infiltrations.

Regardless of the product used, it is an important consideration not to allow any chemical substance to be released into the water. You must comply with the regulations that do not harm you or the surrounding environment.

Inadequate outlet support

It is wrong to assume that the tank outlets are strong enough to support themselves and do not need any additional support. No matter how strong your water tank can be, an outlet attached for adequate support is important.

Any support with an inadequate outlet can put stress on the tank fittings, and over time, it can lead to leak breakages. These potential hazards, if not taken care of properly, can result in loss of time and money.

Unfavorable conditions

There is no point in choosing the best water tank if it is placed in unfavorable conditions, so in order to move forward in maintenance, it is important to have space for maintenance. You need to consider adequate ventilation and space to maneuver for cleaning and to use any protective equipment.

Inadequate venting

If you are storing water in the tank or any other chemical in the tank, it is important to have enough ventilation for safe operation. Many water tank companies consider ventilation seriously, and some may not, but you should not underestimate the ventilation of the tank.

Inadequate venting means the airflow on the cubic feet per minute would not be enough to guarantee the environment and health standards. So, to follow the required standards, there must be enough ventilation.

Final thoughts

Leaks and infiltration can result in improper installation, but with the right knowledge about the installation’s mistakes, you can avoid those costly blunders. You must also consider giving enough space to repair your water tank if any damages happen in the future.

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