Newchic- Best Brands To Buy Sofa Covers From India in 2023

A sofa is the main decoration of every house. Many companies manufacture sofas in various sizes.  People generally buy sofas based on the size of the room and the number of people in the house.  Sofas of various sizes are found not only in homes but also in doctors’ clinics, corporate offices, and hotel lobbies.  Sofa covers are used to keep sofas from getting dusty.  Oil and other residue from the heads of people sitting on the sofa can stain it.  Sofa covers are used not only for this but also used as décor. Today’s topic of the day is the brand of sofa covers. Many features of designer sofa covers are introduced to the readers through this article. Newchic has unveiled its exclusive sofa cover collections recently. Refer to  Newchic Deals to know more.

KK Home store 

KK Home store is best for their sofa cover sets. They use high-quality cotton sofa fabric as the raw material to make beautiful sofa cover pieces. They have outstanding collections of unicolor and multicolor sofa covers sets. Furthermore, they have covers for 3+1+1 designs and many more. Reversible covers are their trump card. They can be used from both sides. They are ideal for home décor. Isn’t it nice to ensconce in a beautiful and fluffy sofa with a friendly cotton cover? They are easy to clean and maintain. The sofa covers can be machine washed with cold water. These sofa cover sets are also available at Newchic. Multicolor 6-piece sofa cover sets are for sale in Newchic at huge discounts. Use Newchic coupon codes to avail of more reductions. 


Azotica is renowned for its furniture covers. It has more collections of divan covers, pillow covers bedsheets, and many more. It makes perfect sofa covers for 3+1+1 sofa sets. They provide armrest covers along with that. Their works are more contemporary and elegant. It is ideal to decorate living rooms and hotel lobbies. The materials they use for making covers are fine cotton. Machine wash is allowed with cold water. Make sure that it is not frequently washed. Bleaching is a clear no for these covers. Azotica has a wide range of colors available. Vibrant colors can give an elegant look to the living room. The durability of sofa covers is assured. This sofa cover set from Azotica is a twelve-piece pack. These sofa cover sets are also available on Newchic. The back cover and seat cover are also included. Armrest covers are free with it. Want to grab this offer before anyone? Use Newchic Offers and avail it before anyone. 

Luxury Crafts

White is the one word for elegance. The sofa cover set from Luxury Crafts is beautiful, angelic and eyes pleasing. Unlike the former, high-quality polyester is used to make the sofa covers. They are easy to maintain and use. Do not bleach or use any strong detergent to wash it. Mild liquids and machine washing with cold water are advised. Their products are highly convenient and durable. There is a limited edition sofa covers available in Newchic. It is a 6:6 offer, that is six arm test covers and six sofa set covers. Flat 50% off for the first 5 customers. Be the lucky customer and get discounts. Explore Newchic shopping to know more about this offer. 


Nendle is popular for its luxury sofa cover sets. The ultimate word for pride and elegance. Their sofa covers have the power to transform a simple room into a luxurious place. One will get a Royal feeling when sitting on these sofas. Its richness is seen in its quality too. They are durable and comparatively easy to handle .3+2 sofa cover sets are available with armrest covers at Newchic. Many discounts have been launched this time. Get it with the help of Newchic coupons. Don’t miss this opportunity. 


Kuber Industries is the top most suppliers and Manufacturer of various products. Apart from home décor, they cater to various requirements of the customers. Saree Covers, Jewelry Pouches, Makeup Kits, and handbags are other things that they manufacture and sell. Antique styles and designs are their prime niche. The company was founded in the year 1995 by Mr. Satish Kumar. This is a Jaipur-Based manufacturing company. Hence, every piece of work will have a Jaipur touch.3+1+1,3+2, and many more sofa covers are available there. Their pillow cover, cushion covers, and bet sheets are Majestic. Want to purchase pillows and cushion covers at the lowest price? Stop scrolling and move to the website of Newchic. All of their products are pocket-friendly and have fewer delivery charges. Use Newchic Promo Codes to avail massive reductions.


They have introduced multipurpose sofa covers. It can repel liquids. They have a reversible sofa cover which is water-resistant. It is not waterproof. This sofa cover can be cleaned with a wet cloth. Machine washing is not always necessary. Their couch cover has a reversible design. Thus, it enables updating sofas to look frequently. These sofa covers are kids friendly and pet friendly. These slipcovers protect the sofa from possible stains and other wear and tear. They have included non-slip anchors between the seat and the cushions. This prevents the sofa covers from unnecessary movements and slipping. Thus, proper friction is maintained. Overall, it is the most useful sofa cover which is easy to wash and maintain. These multicolored sofa covers are also available on Newchic. Enable Newchic discount codes to get more price reductions.  

Above-mentioned are the details of the brands that provide good quality and good-looking sofa cover.  There are many things to keep in mind while buying a sofa cover.  Allergies with the material of the cover, its quality, durability, and color combination have to be checked beforehand.  Newchic can be trusted in all these cases.  They sell premium quality products at a low budget.  Delivery charges are also affordable.  More choices are there on the website so that customers can pick up from various choices.  Newchic sales have been recently opened to its customers.  Purchase the new arrivals before the offer ends.  It is a limited-period offer.  Purchase it now! 

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