Fix iPhone 14 Keeps Crashing Issue With Cell Phone Repair Shop

If you are an iPhone user and have gone through iPhone 14 crashing issue, you must know how frustrating it is. This issue is one of the biggest problems in iPhone 14, along with others. Many users come to the repair stores and complain that they were doing an important mail, and suddenly their phone crashed, and they lost all the data. People are dependent on their phones for personal and professional data. They keep all the sensitive information, documents and files on their phones. If the files and data get lost, they might face serious consequences.

The problem may sound huge, but people forget the reason behind the issue. There can be many reasons behind the iPhone 14 crashing, one of which is an abundance of downloaded apps. When you download too many apps it makes your phone slow and takes up a lot of space. To experience good iPhone 14 performance, it is necessary to delete unwanted apps. Another reason is updating. When you don’t update your phone, it can crash because of caches and bugs. Vantel is one of the best cell phone repair shops in Vancouver, that has provided many fixes to resolve the iPhone 14 crashing issue. 

  1. Do a Soft Reset

A soft reset means you are shutting off your phone for a little while and turning it on again after 1 minute. A soft reset or restart is recommended for all the problems. Rebooting your phone eliminates all the bugs, glitches, malfunctions, malware and viruses. To do a restart, press the volume up button and release. Do the same with the volume down button and press and hold the power button until you see an Apple logo. Slide it and restart it. You will see that the phone crash problem will be solved. 

  1. Close The Apps

According to an iPhone repair shop, faulty apps are the culprit behind iPhone 14 crashing. Many apps are not compatible with iOS software which causes issues. It is essential to delete all unwanted apps from your iPhone. Check and see if there is any update available. If yes, all you need is to update your app. After updating, if the issue stays, delete and uninstall the faulty app. You can also close the apps running in the background if you don’t know which app is causing the issue. Swipe up from the bottom and close the apps. 

  1. Update iPhone

Apple released iOS software after a few weeks. Many people have a habit to delay the downloading of iOS software. However, you mustn’t do that. A software update can remove all the glitches from your phone and can improve security features. If your iPhone 14 is facing a crashing issue, it might be possible that your phone needs an update. Go to settings, general, and software update and see if there is any update available. Download and install it and see if the issue is gone. If the issue persists, move on to the next fix. You can also go to a mobile phone repair store in Vancouver and tell them your problem. They will fix it for you. 

  1. Force Restart

If you have done everything and the phone is still crashing, do a force restart. Force restart eliminates all the issues responsible for the phone crashing. To do a force restart, press the volume up button and volume down button, and press the power button until you see the logo. Force restart your phone and see if the problem has disappeared. In earlier models, you can press the home and sleep buttons together. 

  1. Reset the Settings

You may not believe it, but these small things can solve many problems. If your iPhone 14 is crashing, you must rest the settings of your iPhone 14. This will not delete the data from your phone but will delete the settings and set it back to default. To reset, go to settings, general, and click the reset option. This fix will most likely resolve the crashing issue.

  1. Factory reset

The last resort to fixing iPhone 14 crash is to factory reset it. iPhone repair stores call it the last resort because it deletes all your data. If you have applied all the above techniques and the problem persists, you can factory reset your phone. This will delete your data so ensure that you have backed up the data in an iCloud or any other external drive. If you won’t back up the data, it will be lost causing you a lot of trouble. 

Final Words

If you have tried and tested everything but can’t solve your problem, you can visit a cell phone repair shop in Vancouver and get them to fix your issue. They will take a look at your phone and identify the issue. After identifying, they will come up with the best solution and resolve the problem. Don’t be upset because no issue in this world is permanent. The professionals at the repair store in Vancouver can fix the biggest problems. 

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