Why Won’t Your iPhone Update? Fix It With Phone Repair Store

An iPhone user needs to update his iPhone whenever an update comes to enjoy the new and unique features and security updates. With no updates, you won’t be able to enjoy your iPhone as you must. Your phone security will be low, and there will be many bugs in your phone. Many people complain that their iPhones are not updating. Although this issue is rare, it still exists. There are many fixes for various problems, no matter how big it is. GadgetFix, a phone repair store in Santa Barbara, has provided tips on how to fix the iPhone 14 not updating issue. 

Why Won’t My iPhone Update?

As you are aware of the importance of software updates in iPhones, you must know the problems that can occur because of the iPhone not updating. There might be several reasons why your phone isn’t updating. It might be because your phone is not connected to WiFi, it is not charged, or it has not enough space, and you need to buy the latest model compatible with the iOS software. There are different solutions for each cause that can fix your updating problem. Let’s see what to do to resolve this issue. 

Check if the model you are using is compatible with the new update.

If you have an older iPhone, it may not be compatible with your device. iOS 15 or 16 is incompatible with iPhone 6 or older models. The update won’t be available on older phones. Ensure that you have iPhone 8 and the latest models to enjoy the new software. If you download the new iOS version on your phone, and experience slow performance or an app stops working, it means you must visit the cell phone repair store in Santa Barbara and ask them for their advice. 

Charge Your iPhone

To update your phone, you must have a phone battery above 50%, otherwise; you won’t be able to update your phone. If you have tried installing an update and saw this notification, you must be familiar with this issue. It is better to plug your phone into the charger and let it charge. You can also set it to auto-update. Once it is charged, the software update will automatically be installed. Apple phone repair Santa Barbara says that you must keep in check the charging routine of your phone and don’t let it fall below 20% for the sake of its health. 

Restart Your Phone

If this isn’t the solution we all love then what is? This solution is suggested by many repair shops. Restarting and rebooting can solve many issues regarding iPhone. It eliminates bugs, glitches, malware, viruses and much more. It refreshes your software. If you have iPhone 14, you must press the side button with the volume up button to restart your phone. You must also wait for 30 seconds before turning it on. Check and see if the problem persists after restarting. If not, move on to the next step. One thing you must do before updating the software is free up some space to improve your iPhone’s performance. The iOS updates are almost 2GB in size so you need twice as much space to install your update. If you don’t have any space in your phone, it is recommended by a phone repair store in Santa Barbara to free up at least 4GB of space to enjoy the new software. You can delete duplicate videos and photos, old screenshots, files and documents you don’t need and some messages taking up your space. The second thing you must keep in mind is to back up your phone. Although your data is safe no matter which fixes you try on your phone, you must be on the safe side and back up your data in iCloud or any other external drive. 

Connect to WiFi

Are you downloading an update without WiFi, or is your phone on mobile data? Downloading and installing an update requires a good internet connection. If you are experiencing problems with updating software, you must check the WiFi connectivity. Ensure that you are not using public networks because they are not secure. If you must, use VPN. 

Final Words

Now that you have read the article, you must know the problems behind your iPhone not updating. Try all these fixes on your phone and see which fix suits your iPhone the most. Hopefully, you will find a solution among these fixes, but if you don’t, must visit the cell phone repair store in Santa Barbara and ask the technicians about a suitable fix. They will identify the reason behind the issue and come up with the most excellent solution. You will not be disappointed by their work and dedication towards you. They will be thorough and clear in their communication. Don’t delay fixing your phone and get it checked by expert professionals instantly. 

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