Qualities to look for when hiring call centre agents

A call centre agent’s job is complicated and demanding. Representatives must maintain a delicate balance between satisfying callers and meeting their company’s requirements. Because each call is unique, call centre agents need a strong skill set to deal with a variety of possible scenarios. Your business can suffer harm from a rude, ineffective, or unprofessional call centre agent. An incapable call centre agent can undo much of the work done by your marketing team to get potential customers to call and visit your website.

Skills for effective communication:

The nature of call centre work requires great communication abilities. Communication is a skill that is essential for success and has an impact on every aspect of call centre australia job. In order to fully comprehend a caller’s query and offer a solution that meets their requirements, an agent must not only be able to communicate effectively orally but also be a patient listener. You can find out about a candidate’s communication abilities during an interview. Before hiring, you can conduct a role-playing exercise to test communication skills.

Creative problem-solving:

Good call centre australia provide their representatives with ready-made scripts to work with. Many companies use this procedure to provide quality support. While this may be effective when dealing with routine issues or problems, it hinders an agent’s ability to respond efficiently to unusual inquiries or requests. While the agent looks around for a solution, callers are placed on hold. Caller satisfaction suffers as a result, and the business suffers as a result.

Agents working in call centres need to be able to deal with any issue that arises. In order to come up with a solution that will please the caller while safeguarding the company’s best interests, they frequently need to use some creative thinking. Again, you can assess a candidate’s ability to solve problems by contacting their previous employers.

Organization abilities:

Call centres are busy and occupied work environments. Call centresrequire high level organization skills to run them. Representatives should have the capacity to shuffle various tasks while they are conversing with callers, including taking notes, checking the organization’s information base and refreshing the CRM framework. To do the job well, call centre agents need to be organized. You can ask a candidate to rate their ability to multitask during your interview. Their previous employers can vouch for this.

Efficiency and rapidity:

From a business perspective, a fast and effective agent will be able to take on more calls and boost profits. Naturally, customer satisfaction should always be the primary objective of any call centre, and speed should not be sacrificed for quality customer support.

Callers also place a high value on prompt and effective service. They would rather not stay nearby any more than they need to, and yet, they need their concern or question to be set out agreeable to them. You can find out if your prospective agent possesses these characteristics by contacting previous employers.

Capacity to deal with stress:

Many call centres experience high staff turnover when employees endure burnout because of the stress of the job. Agents must deal with callers who are dissatisfied and irritated. They must have the ability to remain calm under pressure, even when being yelled at.

To find out how a candidate handled pressure, get in touch with the applicant’s past employers as an element of the hiring process.This is the most effective way to understand whether they will be ideal for the job or not.

Recall and retention of knowledge:

Call centre agents need adequate memory for the fast-paced call centre environmentThey must be able to recall and memorise every piece of information related to their company. Callers now want immediate answers. Any hesitancy or lack of confidence on the side of an agent reduces the caller’s trust in the accuracy of the information. 

Since callers don’t have time to wait while agents look up answers to their questions, call centre agents need to be able to recall information right away. Before hiring, test potential candidates to see if they can remember and retain information and if they have the call centre skills on their resume.

Final thoughts:

The above said qualities not only help to select good call centre agents but is also important for the overall quality of customer service of the company. After selecting a capable candidate, you must provide them with proper training that is tailored to meet the needs of your company’s customers. Even though the person should have essential innate abilities, you can teach most skills required to work as a call centre agent. It’s fundamentally essential to understand and monitor the vital call centre KPIs.

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