Tips for Decorating Home

Rule #1

The bed is in the center. If possible, the bed should be placed in the bedroom exactly halfway along the length of the wall against which it is leaning with its headboard.

Rule #2

Carpet plays a key role. Many people are advised to start furnishing their room with a catchy carpet. This is a quick way to decide on both the color scheme and the overall mood of the room.

Rule #3

Correct proportions when choosing a carpet is what Canvas Direct  recommends to you. The rule following from the previous paragraph is to observe proportions when choosing a carpet. It is believed that all the legs of the chairs in the living room should remain on the carpet when they are pulled out from the table.

Rule #4

Chairs – from the walls. Chairs or a dining table, if possible, should not touch the walls, otherwise they visually reduce the space.

Rule #5

No cliché prints. Sea stripes, anchors, and shells are great in small doses, but decorating an entire room with one print is not recommended – you can quickly box yourself in. Use different types of van gogh  wall art  paintings to design your room.

Rule #6

Dining table and chairs should be the same. Even if parents or friends have offered to take a dining table to a new apartment, you should think several times before agreeing to a tempting offer. One of the most common mistakes is matching chairs to an existing table, risking missing proportions and design. It is best to choose a ready-made set.

Rule #7

Decide on the central element of the decor. The easiest way to always keep your interior decor up to date is to choose a permanent centerpiece, whether it’s an interesting vase, a stylish candlestick or an original lamp that will be on the table all the time.

Rule #8

Hang your curtains at the correct height. According to the rules, the cornice must be fixed at a height of at least 10 cm above the window frame, and its ends must extend beyond the frame by at least 25 cm on both sides.

Rule #9

Buy flowers. Fresh flowers or well-maintained perennials in neat pots are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add warmth and light to any room.

Rule #10

Use symmetry. Two lamps, symmetrically placed on the bedside tables, opposite ends of the table or on both sides behind the sofa, are able to transform the living space in seconds.

Rule #11Remember: You can always change your mind! It is wrong to assume that once decorated space will remain so forever. Did you make a design mistake? Instead of tormenting yourself with regrets,  follow what Canvas Direct art store  and you need to: repaint, buy again, redo your photography paintings and move on!

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