Top Google Penalty Checker Tools For SEO

One of the harmful factors that may occur to your website is a Google penalty, which is every SEO manager’s worst fear. It may happen for various reasons, and there are new ones with every Google update. Yes, you are most likely safe if you act in a wholly ethical manner at all times. However, to be specific, you’ll need some third-party tools. In this article, we’ll show you the top Google sandbox and penalty checker tools that will benefit your SEO service in Perth now and in the future.

Additionally, we will teach you about Google penalties, which will significantly improve your understanding of the issue.

Here are our top nine Google Penalty Checker Tools to discover whether your website traffic is experiencing an issue.


One of the useful SEO tools in the market is SEMRush, which is a need for any SEO firm that takes its work seriously. Although relatively pricey, the wealth of information this tool offers makes the investment well worthwhile. Using their free software called Sensor, SEMRush has much to say to you regarding Google Penalties. The SEMRush Sensor analyses your sites and keywords to search for potential areas of volatility.


The Panguin tool is worth looking at if you seek the quickest and most straightforward approach to checking Google penalties. Panguin is fantastic since it visualizes all the information so you can immediately identify problems by looking at eye-catching graphs. Using this easy application is worthwhile, which is free and can provide you with some helpful information regarding possible traffic to your website.


MozCast is like an SEO weather report that provides helpful algorithmic information entertainingly and straightforwardly. The information displayed, which includes a weather prediction, demonstrates how Google’s algorithms have altered over the last 24 hours. Depending on the search engine’s attitude, you may see bright days, storm clouds, and downpours, and high temperatures and heavy storms indicate a negative Google outlook. Whether you observe a decline in traffic, go to MozCast to find out immediately if anything significant is occurring in the Google universe.


As it provides you with all the required information on each Google update, whether visible to the public or not, RankRanger is comparable to MOZ Update History Service. The color-coding of everything it displays makes it simple to comprehend and handle problems. Green indicates that you are entirely safe, blue indicates that everything is fine but might be better, and red indicates that you are in danger and should act soon. The application is a fantastic choice for everyone because it is also free.

Google Search Console

The most effective tool you should use, possibly daily at the very least if your company relies on your website, is Google Search Console. You will find a great deal about the operation of your website, the number of visitors it receives, trends, any faults, and how to correct them. Along with connecting information, your site’s performance on mobile devices is evaluated for security flaws. Regarding Google penalties, Search Console will notify you of any manual penalties your site has received. Sadly, you won’t notice any penalties brought on by algorithm adjustments.

AccuRanker Grump

AccuRanker Grump offers a humorous perspective on handling Google penalties. This adorable little cartoon tiger is intended to provide webmasters with a broad perspective of Google’s daily business environment. The variation in ranks is more significant for grumpier tigers. Although this tool doesn’t focus on a single website, it examines thousands of randomly selected keywords daily to assess how well the top 100 results are doing—more volatility results from more significant changes, which makes this sweet cat want to howl.

FE International

This software is relatively easy to use; you only need to input the URL, and it will work its magic without any signups. Your recent years’ traffic will be readily visible, along with significant upgrades. You may see the decline on the graph if your site is affected. Additionally, you may zoom in on a specific graph area to get additional details. Based on data from MOZ and SemRush, Fe International is a reliable source. Although it doesn’t offer a lot of detail, this tool is quite simple to use and accomplishes more to deserve a place on this list.


The software, which is a freemium service, analyses historical traffic data for a website to assess if a manual Google penalty has occurred or not. It’s essential to remember that different people may see different results from this software. However, if you’ve tried some of the free services on this list and are still unsure if a problem exists, it might be a solid indication that there is one.

Cognitive SEO

CognitiveSEO is the final penalty checker on our list. It is an excellent tool to see whether anything is happening in the sector and gives Google Algorithm adjustments and indicators as an alternative. CognitiveSEO is tracking over 100.000 keywords for local, desktop, and mobile rankings. Using various settings, you can check the best 10, 20, or 50 results, as well as the top 3, 5, or 10 spots on the first page. This tool’s ability to track changes to the Google algorithm by location is another fantastic feature.

ConclusionIf you’re not sure why your traffic has decreased so rapidly, the prospect of receiving a Google penalty might be terrifying. You shouldn’t ever face penalties if you establish your website in SEO service Perth for good purpose. The best part is that using one of these nine Google penalty checkers will help you determine whether a problem exists or whether the decrease in web traffic you’re observing is just the result of an algorithm update.

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