Uttari Betta : Complete guide


Bangalore is surrounded with beautiful rolling hills that are waiting to be viewed. You should add this to your bucket-list if you want to try them all. Uttari Betta is a popular Karnataka hiking trail that is known for its stunning beauty. The popular Karnataka hiking trail, which is five miles [5 km] long, provides stunning views that will last a lifetime.

This journey is a marvellous sight with breathtaking views. It also features the history of castle walls and intricate stone steps. Interesting fact: This hill fort has eight gates, which are located at the foot and the top of several other gates. What awaits at the top? You will reach the Shankeshwar temple on the trek summit, which offers a panoramic view of a landscape full of hills.

The special Sunrise Tour with Planned Prediction takes you to the heart of nature using caves, forests, and large boulders. It will leave you amazed at the diversity of life. The trip is comfortable for travelers because they are familiar with the wildlife and vegetation that can be found. If you are looking for a way to feel completely natural, this is the journey for you.

Travel details

Trek Level: Easy (Difficulty is subjective).

Route Type: A place that is made of stones

Travel distance: 5 km (onwards)

Uttari Betta Trek – Overview

Day 0

Leave Bangalore at 11:00 PM (approx).

Day 1

Reach for the Basics and Relax

The tour starts at 4:00 AM (approx).

Reach up and check

At 7:30 AM (approx), get off the bus and walk to the base.

For a delicious breakfast, go to the town

Arrive in Bangalore around 12:00 PM (approx).

What do our experts think about the Uttari Betta trek?

The journey can be started at night, with the goal of reaching the summit by dawn. The journey starts in a small village. After a long, dark walk through the village, you will reach the barricade. Seven stone holes will be passed. You will find rocky outcrops, cliffs that cut through the boulders on this steep trail. After you have crossed these gates, you will find yourself at the bottom of a steep slope with a Shankeshwar Temple at the top. You can see the temple from the top, and it is so beautiful that you can keep your brain active for a few seconds. The path crosses the sanctuary and continues past a small forest to reach a completely new world. It ends at a grassy hilltop surrounded by boulders.

This is where you can see the dawn of a fresh day at the summit. There are only green grass, blue skies and large, gray rock to help us. This wonderful moment is worth embracing for as long and as you can, it will remind you of the great harmony that you felt back then and later when you wish.

We are able to enjoy the beauty of the morning, thanks to the beautiful combination of colors that we see in it. We will soon descend to base camp. Keep your eyes open, even if you’re tempted by the beauty of the slopes. Stop for breakfast before heading to Bangalore.

What is the best time to visit Uttari Beta?

There is no best season. It is best to visit July through February, when you can see the greenery and feel like you are walking through the clouds. The winter months are pleasant and cool. Because of its beautiful cloud formation, Uttari Betta is best visited in summers.

How to get there Uttari Betta

By road

75 kms from Bangalore. Uttari Betta can be found near Kunigal-Magadi S.H. 94 is located 7 km away from it and 10 kilometers from Anchepalya industrial zone on Bengaluru–Mangalore National Highway India – NH48 close to Kunigal.

By Air

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. To reach Uttari Betta, you can take a taxi or bus from central Bangalore.

Things to keep

  • You will need a small backpack to carry all your trekking gear.
  • 2 bottles water (1 liter each).
  • When it rains, bag covers or raincoats.
  • Use a flashlight or a headlamp at night.
  • Warm layer (low/fur coat).
  • Woolen Cap.
  • Sunscreen and suncap

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