What are the Educational Qualification Required to Become a Graphic Designer?

Being a graphic designer is one of the most diverse careers out there. It’s not just about making posters, logos and designing websites – graphic designers have to have an eye for color and composition, communicate ideas effectively through visuals, be able to come up with concepts without being told what the specific project is ahead of time and work collaboratively with other people. This article will go through all of that too!

What is Graphic Designing?

To transmit messages, professionals who practise graphic design must provide visual material. Typography and graphics are used by designers to satisfy the specific needs of users, and they focus on the logical arrangement of the parts in interactive designs to maximize the user experience.

Industry Outlook of Graphic Designing 

Because of technological advancements, there is a growing demand for the graphic design business. The same factor applies to web design, advertising firms, 3D technology, VFX, animation, and other fields in a similar industry. With this technological evolution, the majority of digitized works become interdependent. Consider the reliance on graphic design, animation, and visual effects in the gaming industry. The Indian design business is expanding along with the rise in demand for design services generally. estimating that by 2020, the Indian graphics market will rise to a massive INR 188.32 billion. By 2026, a 5% growth rate is predicted by a report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The popularity of design is causing an increase in the number of design jobs daily. And increase in demand for the graphic  design services.

Why Being a Graphic Designer?

Graphic design may be one of the most varied fields in terms of careers. In addition to working on making logos or posters, you could also create websites or help companies optimize their marketing campaigns using an assortment of different media like print ads or billboards for example.

Becoming a graphic designer clearly takes a lot of hard work, creativity and talent. However, it’s also an extremely rewarding career. There are so many different ways to be a graphic designer, from advertising to book cover design. Most of all you can find great creative satisfaction in knowing that what you’re doing is both creative and helpful to society. Learn: how to build a graphic design career from scratch.

Education – What Do I Need? 

The art of graphic design combines words, images, and concepts to convey ideas to the audience. After completion of your high school, graphic designers usually work closely with website designers to create visually attractive images, web documents, multimedia, and a range of other web applications.

The first step in becoming a graphic designer after your 10+2  is by obtaining a certification. The first step in becoming a graphic designer is to find the right educational program for your needs. Becoming a graphic designer includes several different specializations including advertising or web site design. You can get an education in these areas by earning a diploma in graphic designing or enrolling in graphic design certificate courses .

This graphic designing courses will enable you to learn the fundamentals of graphic design including design fundamentals, computer skills and multimedia. The program teaches you how to create effective designs and how to use graphics techniques such as typography, illustration and photography. By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a solid foundation in graphic design that can be used immediately after the completion of your course. Trusted institutes are providing animation courses in Kolkata

Graphic Design Career Paths – Where Do I Go From Here? Once you’ve completed your diploma or a certification course, there are many different career options available to you depending on what specializations interest you the most.

Graphic Designers typically work in advertising agencies or corporate offices designing marketing materials like promotional posters and brochures. You might also directly work for companies like Microsoft or GAP as a graphic designer to develop websites and visual communications for their products. In order to work in this field, you’ll need a certification from a reputed institute. 

Web Designers can also specialize at this level as they’re often involved in the design of personal web sites, online advertising campaigns and corporate websites. If you want to become a web designer, check out this web design certificate program online .

Skills Required to Become a Graphic Designer 


New and original ideas are continually being developed by graphic designers. They must use a lot of creativity to produce designs that are both attention-grabbing and convey the appropriate message.


The core of a graphic designer’s job is communication because graphic design is visual communication. Graphic designers must connect with clients and colleagues in addition to conveying ideas through their designs. Designers occasionally need to justify a choice or decision to someone without a design expertise. For proposals and presentations, they will also require communication skills—both written and spoken.


Graphic designers must think strategically since they must take into account how various design components interact together and how to effectively communicate meaning while upholding design standards. In order to do this, you must undertake market research, brainstorm, generate ideas, thumbnail designs, and evaluate them.

finding solutions

Consider a design brief as a problem: a customer has a message they want to convey, and the ideal design will help them. Throughout the design process, graphic designers apply problem-solving techniques. Troubleshooting design problems or redesigning designs to satisfy client requirements may be required.

Management of time

In addition to juggling many projects at once, graphic designers frequently have to meet customer deadlines. Graphic designers must be able to prioritize tasks and balance workloads.

Take Away  

The demand for graphic design is increasing day by day and on a fast pace. Hence, if you want to get into this prospective sector, then strike the iron when it’s hot. Enroll your name in graphic designing courses and break into the industry like a pro.  

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