What is RPO?

As a business owner or decision-maker in an organization, it’s important to have a recruitment process that is efficient, effective, scalable, and innovative. That’s not something you would typically get with staffing agencies since these recruiters offer a one-time service to help you fill the open positions, and then your relationship just about ends there.

RPO recruiting would be the better option if you are looking for longevity in hiring solutions.

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So, what is RPO?

RPO is short for Resource Process Outsourcing, which is a hiring model that requires an employer to transfer part of, or the entire recruitment process of their company to an outside service provider. This is becoming an increasingly preferred way to hire since leading RPO recruiters can hire quality talent faster and offer other major benefits such as boosting the employer’s brand.

How does RPO work?

The RPO process is quite direct and starts with a discovery period. During this step, the RPO service provider will have to learn about the hiring goals of your company and the unique needs of your labor force, so that they can create a bespoke strategy.

The next step is all about working together with the RPO provider to establish partnership expectations while creating KPIs that will track the progress of the new process. Additionally, you will have to enter into an agreement that controls factors such as the scope of work, service-level expectations, and timeline.

The last step involves the  RPO provider executing and managing the tasks and responsibilities that you have agreed upon.

Difference between RPO recruiting and using staffing agencies

The following are the main differences that separate RPO recruiting from hiring through staffing agencies:

1. Ownership of the hiring process

The most important difference between these two hiring models is the ownership of the process. In RPO recruiting, the RPO provider will mostly assume the ownership of the recruitment process, from sourcing the candidates to onboarding the successful candidates.

RPO providers go beyond just filing seats and are committed to optimizing your hiring process by focusing on the main pain points during recruitment.

They will want to understand the values and vision of your company so that they can find the most suitable candidates for the open positions in your organization and increase employee retention rates.

Staffing agencies, on the contrary, are simply intermediaries between organizations and job seekers. They only seek to fill vacant positions and are not focused on improving the hiring process or models. Here, the ownership of the hiring process belongs to the company that seeks to have vacancies filled.

2. Scope of services offered

RPO recruiting is associated with a wider scope of services, including employer branding, onboarding support, compliance, and workforce planning. RPO recruiting is based on a holistic and comprehensive model that makes it possible for companies to improve their talent acquisition to a great extent.

Hiring through staffing agencies does not offer such a wide scope of services. The main service offered is filling the vacancy.

3. Period of engagement

RPO recruiters are typically meant to work with their clients over an extended period, as compared to traditional staffing agencies.

Staffing agencies will work with a company on a project/contingency basis since there’s not much to do. Once the project is over, the relationship is ended and can be re-established when there is a similar project.

RPO recruiters are the best solution if you want to get ongoing support and talent acquisition improvement.

Final thought

RPO is an excellent hiring model that improves your existing recruitment processes and introduces you to new recruitment practices. It’s the perfect solution for a company that wants long-term benefits.If that is something you would be interested in, make sure to contact Kinetix for exceptional recruitment process outsourcing services.

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