What Questions to Ask While Selecting the Right Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Implementation Partner?

While planning to implement an ERP solution for the first time or migrate to a new platform, selecting a Microsoft Dynamics consultant or partner is critical. The best ERP software won’t help streamline your business without the right planning, designing, training, integration, go-live, and post-implementation support. 

Before the investment you’re about to make, finding the right partner with complete knowledge is critical to streamlining the implementation process and the business operations. 

This article will guide you in determining the best Microsoft partner to meet your requirements. Below are key questions that you must ask while selecting the partner for your business: 

1. Is your potential partner an ERP software publisher or a technology partner?

Typically, software publishers rely on corporate sales teams with polished presentations to secure projects, which are then handed off to an implementation team from another business unit or a third-party service provider. This creates a schism between the sales and implementation teams.

On the other hand, a technology partner includes members of the solution design and deployment teams in the sales process. These team members can generate a more accurate proposal and plan after an in-depth examination of your scenario.

2. What will the software licensing costs to be after the initial contract expires?

This question offers you a fair idea of your prospective Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP partner’s transparency and knowledge. Some vendors may combine the program’s cost with the cost of implementation, giving you the impression of reduced license prices.

Reputable partners, on the other hand, will educate you on the pricing history of the ERP platform you’re evaluating. They can advise you on which solutions have traditionally maintained consistent costs with realistic increases over time.

3. Is the solution pre-configured or customized?

To keep the beginning expenses low and win the project, the partner may try to offer you a pre-configured solution, assuring you that it will likely require only minor changes to sync with your business processes. However, pre-configured solutions frequently result in several modification orders, which delay the project and significantly raise costs.

Even within the same industry, each company has its own manner of conducting everyday operations. Working with a partner who conducts an upfront analysis to uncover your requirements and then configures the ERP solution to match your needs and document gaps allows the customer to adjust a process or adapt the program is a better option.

The resulting proposal will almost certainly cost more than the pre-configured option, but it will also be more accurate in the long run and more likely to be delivered on time, resulting in a system that is tailored to your needs.

4. What additional software expertise does the partner provide?

Your new ERP solution may require integration with other enterprise programs like CRM, e-commerce, and maybe warehousing and manufacturing. Collaborating with a partner who can integrate ERP with those applications and assure real-time data flows is preferable.

You may also want to add solutions from an independent software vendor (ISV) to your ERP platform that requires application interfaces. It will be easier for you if your ERP partner handles these connections; you will not have to deal with multiple vendors.

Identifying and Evaluating Your Partner’s Core Competencies

In addition to these crucial questions, evaluating your potential ERP partner’s core competencies is critical. Key characteristics include the capacity to engage, cooperate, and establish connections with your internal project team. Can they assist you in facilitating the transformation your company will need to undergo by giving training and coaching on the new ERP system?


The partner must also understand how to design the solution to function within the context of your company’s operations and goals. Online24x7 is a certified Dynamics 365 consultant providing services related to Dynamics 365 implementation depending on different industries.

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