Who is Responsible for Sidewalk Repair in NYC State?

The cracked sidewalk can become a tripping hazard. You must keep an eye on your sidewalk. If you see any cracks or gouges in it, repair it immediately. If you have a sidewalk adjacent to your home, you can be liable for accidents that may happen on that sidewalk. You must take care of the sidewalk. The local government or municipality is not responsible for sidewalk repair. The main question that arises here is who is responsible for sidewalk repair. Let us tell you about that.

Who is Responsible for Sidewalk Repair?

It entirely depends on where you live. In many areas, the local government is responsible for repairing and maintenance work. But it is not the case in New York and many other parts of the country.

If you own a property that has a face-to-face sidewalk, you are responsible for Sidewalk Contractors NYC. It means you have to have maintenance if there are some cracks or gouges in it. In other words, you need to have a surface knowledge of your local ordinance. If you have a street-facing property, you are liable for all the repairs. Not only that you are also liable if someone slips or falls on your sidewalk. You have to pay for all the medical bills as well.

If there is snow, you need to remove that to keep it smooth for the pedestrians. This can become a tad complicated if there are many property owners on the same block. You need to have clear communication and understanding with your neighbors as well. Make sure that there are no rough patches and uneven surfaces that can cause any harm to the people walking on it.

Public & Private Sidewalks

First, you need to know the difference between public and private sidewalks and paths. It is important to have this knowledge because this way you can prevent many liabilities. Public sidewalks are those that are adjacent to streets and parks. The local government is responsible for their repairs and maintenance.

The private sidewalks are those that are near your house or your house facing towards them. You are responsible for their maintenance. Sidewalks at shopping malls and restaurants also fall under this category.

Sidewalk Repair in NYC

In New York City, the owner of the property is responsible for repairing and maintenance of the sidewalk. You can also sidewalk repair or reconstruct the entire sidewalk depending on the damage. Doing a little maintenance now and then can save you from big expenses. All you need to do is to keep an eye on your sidewalk. If there are some cracks and uneven surfaces, make sure to Sidewalk Repair Manhattan as soon as they appear. Addressing little damages on time can save you both your valued time and money.

When Do You Need to Repair Sidewalk?

It is fairly easy to identify when your sidewalk needs repairing. People can become a little bit more generous when it comes to their sidewalks. They would mostly ignore the cracks and uneven surfaces. They would even say that it is a perfectly fine sidewalk when they need to do maintenance. It’s not your assessment of when to do a sidewalk repair. The local government and municipality have mapped out clear instructions for that. You need to repair your sidewalk if:

  • You can a cracked square or a piece that is more than an inch
  • The edge of the adjacent square differs by more than a half-inch
  • There is some uneven surface that can change the grading
  • Any part of the sidewalk is loose
  • If the sidewalk is made of some unauthorized material

If your sidewalk has got any of these things, you need a repairing job.

Injuries on Sidewalks

You must make sure that any land you are responsible for is safe for the public. If that is not the case, there can be accidents and injuries on them. This is bad on its own. Not only that, they can hold you liable for those injuries. You’ll have to pay and compensate them. This can cause you some unwanted expenses. To avoid all this inconvenience, make sure to have a smooth and even sidewalk for the people.

How to Repair a Sidewalk?

Repairing a sidewalk on your own can be a hassle sometimes. It takes a lot of effort to do maintenance work on your sidewalk property. You can start by assessing the damage and then do the proper work to address all the issues. You’ll need time and money to do that. You’ll also have to know all the construction tools and materials to do a fine job. You can avoid all that by calling the professionals to do the job for you. Do some research and you’ll find the best professionals at affordable prices.

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