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Thanks to the latest technological developments and advancements, the monitoring of energy consumption have become an easy yet affordable process. Even after this, several companies or industries ignore energy consumption tracking. As a result, most of them end up with no understanding of the primary needs of energy and certain areas of energy insufficiency. This is one of the reasons why they forego the important operational and saving opportunities that are often connected with energy monitoring. If you are also one of those who is not aware of the reasons to monitor energy consumption, then check out the points given by a prominent name in the water and energy industry – Tsur Ben David.

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1. Finding out whether there is excessive use of the energy

Unless companies get their monthly electricity/energy bills, they are often not aware of the excessive consumption of energy. In several cases, the occasional losses of the energy due to cooling system go unnoticed because the overall electricity bills do not show whether the expenses are excessive or reasonable. As per the studies, Cooling systems account for 60% of the total operational costs However, with some small operational changes, corporates can monitor their energy consumption pattern and adopt suitable technologies to enhance the efficiency of cooling systems. For this, you can make the most out of the Energy Monitoring System (EMOS) by CET Enviro of Tsur Ben David. This is quite an impressive system that comes with a dynamic dashboard to provide you with real-time ‘load’ profiles and other related details. These will help you find out the areas where immediate actions are needed to prevent occasional losses of energy. Besides, you can also do some simple things like turning some loads off.

2. Quantify energy-savings potential and opportunities

Once analyzed successfully, the EMOS will provide you with accurate energy reflection through the data issued. This will further help you locate the energy-saving opportunities available. Some companies or industries also use a bespoke system to cut down on operational costs. In simple terms, the EMOS is highly required to create, develop, and monitor the performance of the energy management system. Additionally, it can enable companies to keep a close check on their environmental and financial returns too.  

3. Plan your changes successfully

In addition to energy savings, a manager should understand the link between the energy consumption evolution and the different types of external and internal factors. The dynamic “load” profiles offered by the CET Enviro’s (established by Tsur Ben David) EMOS, will help the manager to pinpoint the leading causes of the variations available in the consumption. Every single change should be well-identified and well-tracked. Why is this important? It is essential to get predictive tools for the upcoming energy consumption and bills in area of cooling system. And where there is recorded data available, one can use it to analyze and evaluate the facility’s power capacity before installing any new electrical load to the existing panel. 

4. Ensure efficient and easy maintenance

The data recorded by the EMOS is available on cloud. This can be accessed from anywhere, anytime!

EMOS will continuously collect, analyze and report on chiller operating data through the internet facility integrated in EMOS system and connected to cloud-based server.

The critical information collected at server can be used to manage energy and operating costs on routine basis and this significantly helps in improving the performance potential of chiller.

In a nutshell

In addition to the points listed above, by focusing on energy consumption, you can build a reputation and promote positive ‘corporate-social’ responsibilities – Tsur Ben David. Lastly, it can drive firms to take the necessary yet environment-friendly steps or measures to improve their brand’s image in area of sustainability and as a green company.

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